Venstar thermostats - new driver help?

Has anyone worked on controlling Venstar thermostats via their available API accessible via LAN?

I have four Venstar Explorer thermostats throughout my house and they work great. Now looking to get them integrated with Hubitat.

I've started working on a Hubitat driver based on one I found in the ST forums. So far I can query a thermostat for info.

I just need to know how do I send a POST command with form data (i.e. mode=0&fan=0&heattemp=70&cooltemp=75)? I think once I got that figured out the rest should be straightforward. (I think!)

Another Q.. for wi-fi devices - those that respond to http request, do they need to have a DNI associated with them? I think that's really only needed for zwave or zigbee devices correct?

When I added my device using this driver I just gave it a dummy dni, such as 12345 and so far no issues..

They need something unique. As you suggest, nearly anything will work. Careful about just numbers. The one you selected is ok, but ZWave uses numbers too. You don’t want overlap.

Thanks! Well looks like I got my driver working more or less via the driver control panel screen. I can at least change the thermostat setpoint. =)

I'll keep coding away at this.. eventually I'll have it in a state where I can share it. If anyone is interested in this driver for the Venstar Thermostat API, let me know.

I've been using a Venstar T5800 thermostat for several years and I'm definitely interested in your driver.

@dtarin I would like to see it as well!

I'm pretty good at z-wave drivers, but I have never made one for a LAN API. Since the venstar API is pretty simple this would be a good one to review to start learning.

@tsand and @JasonJoelOld, glad you're interested in my rudimentary driver. I admit I haven't had a lot of time to continue coding away at this as much as I wanted since the holidays.
When I get a moment, maybe towards the end of this week, I'll make the code available, likely on github so others can contribute updates.

Did you ever make this driver available? I have a Venstar T7850 and I'd love to try this out.

Hi, I was hoping to polish it before putting it on GitHub but I never seem to have the time to do that. In any case I just made it available on GitHub. If you enhance it please feel free commit updates so others can benefit from the shared work.

[@tsand, @JasonJoelOld, @jabecker]

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I have a Venstar T5800 with a geothermal unit. works perfectly, connected to my wifi and running throught the venstar app.
I want to integrate your driver and test it. What shall I do, add a new driver into HE and paste the code (newbie here) ? I suppose that I need to reflect the IP address of my thermostat somewhere.
Thank you for your help

Hey, dtarin,
thanks for the post. I have a Venstar with the API enabled, and would like to use it with Hubitat,
but I'm having trouble getting it to work... can you help me out

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