Velux Integration via the KIX300?

Hi all,

I've seen a few folks talking on here about varying levels of success integrating Velux windows via the KLF200, however there don't appear to be any posts about integrating the KIX300.

From what I can tell, the KIX300 has a REST API and connects via WiFi to the rest of your network, and there's what looks like a good python library available too.

I'm thinking that if I can take the python library and port some of it to groovy, we should be in a state where we can control a KIX300 from HE.

We've not even had the roof built that will contain our velux windows yet, so is there anyone out there who's already tried this and is willing to share the results?

I just bought the starter pack, once I receive it I'll start investing if I can integrate this into my existing Netamo drivers.

Hey guys, have you achieved any success?

Yes, have bult full support and its been working for weeks.
Give me some days and i'll make it publicly available.


It's out :slight_smile: [RELEASE] VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO

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