Variable rename

Would like to be able to rename global and local variables as per this thread.


Tracking :wink:

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I second this strongly! :wink:

BTW: Any news?

I recall Bruce saying it was a problem because they didn't build variables as objects in their database, IIRC. Which seems a bit soppy but what do I know.

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Just bumping this to request same for Hub Variables.

I'm in the process of transitioning some global variables to hub variables so they can be used in new RM5 rules. Typically, I would rename the old one with OLD and then gradually transition (by creating new RM5 rules) to use the hub variable now having the old name instead. But alas, this isn't possible. And I can't just temporarily call the global variables NEW or something, since those cannot be renamed either.


I actually asked @bravenel about this on another thread just after the 2.2.8 release.

His answer was still “No”.

This would be most useful, I would also like to rename hub variables.

Adding another voice here for the desire to rename a variable.

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Got my vote too.

You can rename any Hub Variable IF it is used by some app. Click on the orange link in the column for Hub Variable name, and it shows you which apps it's in use by, and offers a button to rename it.

If it's not in use by an app, simply remove the one you want to rename and create a new variable. The rename function is there for variables that are being used.


Great! Thanks for the update.

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