Variable Connector(s) Errors

Which firmware revision is your hub running? This is a C7, right?

C7 with v2.3.2.141

I think we need the investigative powers of someone like @gopher.ny to shed some light on this for you.

This most likely comes from attempting to set a Hub Variable that has been deleted. Would need more context about where this is arising.

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I confirmed that all Variable Connectors listed on the Devices page have an associated entry on the Hub Variables page.

How do I track down where I'm attempting to set a Hub Variable that has been deleted?

To the best of my knowledge, all of my Rules, Apps, etc. are functioning as expected.

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Yeah, but what about a deleted variable still being set in some app?

What I'd suggest is to see what else happens at the same time as one of those log entries. That should point the finger to something.

Coincidentally, I found a Button Controller that was referencing a non-existent variable.

Unfortunately, the Button Controller was not labeled as **BROKEN**.

Might be a fantasy but a 'platform health check' that reveals broken rules and other issues would be useful.

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There is one for Rule Machine, and not yet for Button Controller.

Generalized 'health check' at the platform level is a chimera. Its validity would be completely dependent on the quality of the devices whose reports went into it. Unfortunately, relatively cheap consumer products have relatively poor reporting of their health.

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I've likely misused the term platform. The scope of the health check I was imagining was limited to the hub and did not include devices - unless a rule referenced a device that no longer existed or similar.

i.e. the identification of hub based issues isn't as simple as I would expect/desire.

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Looks like I spoke too soon. I'm still getting the errors:

How do I initiate the Rule Machine health check?

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Little Amazon X-Ray like feature here.

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I may have found the issue. When I click on the redactedOffWork Hub Variable, two of Rules using the variable are displayed:


When I click on either Rule, I get:


I confirmed that both Rules exist and I am able to click into them from the Apps page.

At least one other Rule is using the variable but not listed.

I'm running v2.3.2.141


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I created a new Hub Variable and replaced the supposedly offending one in one of the Rules but I still get the App 0 does not exist error.

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What kind of rules are these? What version of which app? I'm missing the context to understand what it is you are talking about with specifics. Like what sort of reference to what type of variable, down to specific screenshots would be needed as a beginning.

Update to the latest build, and provide more information.

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Rule Machine


When I have time, I'll re-enable verbose logging and try to see what happens right before the error but shouldn't the origin of the issue, Hubitat error logs, provide a bit more actionable information? e.g. exactly which Variable Connector is generating the error.

The In-Use-By bugs (above and here) I stumbled upon may or may not be related.

You haven't provided anywhere near enough context information to know where to even begin understanding the problem. As such, not possible to diagnose. Need complete screenshots of everything involved. Need to know the context.

Appears to have something to do with my wife or I departing:

(Un?)coincidentally, recentDeparture has not been registered as an In-use variable:

What is device 715?

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