V2.1.5 Dashboard Tile -Color Bulb issue

With the latest version when I click on a color bulb from IOS, I am unable to close the window as the "x" is inaccessible.

Ouch. We will track this down and fix it. Which browser are you using?

Safari on IOS 13.1

If you have Chrome on there, give it a try.

I am using the app, how can I force it to go through Chrome?

This is happening in the app on iOS 13.1. The x ends up under the top border and there's no way to get to it.

OK, thanks. We'll get it sorted out.

Is it possible to go back to 2.1.4?

Just do a recovery.

I found that hitting the gear would close the window.

Yes. Go to your-hub-ip:8081. On there you can roll back to previous versions.

Same problem using firefox on ios 13.1

Also, if you close the color control in Color Temp mode the bulb turns back into RGB mode. So, even you had the X, using it wouldn't work correctly.