Using the Aeotec Heavy Duty 40-amp Z-Wave Switch for 220v-240v Power Monitoring

I successfully upgraded to the C8 hub about 7-8 months ago.
I am currently running ver

Here is the Aeotec device I am referring to:

I am aware there is an Ebrighten Jasco Switch that seems to do the job using a community driver. However, for me, I think the Aeotec would be a better solution as I am not interested in using it as a switch, just for power monitoring and the device will be located inside.

Does anyone here have experience using the Aeotec 40-amp switch for power monitoring?

What drivers do you use for this Aeotec device? Am I mistaken about Hubitat not having a built-in driver? I did not see a community driver either. Did I miss something? The same question for the Has anyone used this device to create automations based on whether something plugged into the device is drawing power or not?

Just FYI: I want to use this to trigger the turning on or off the booster fan for my clothes dryer so that the fan is triggered to turn on when the dryer is running and turn off when it finishes. I know there are other sensors, but this seems like the cleanest and surest way to do it.

I appreciate any help.

I just discovered this thread over in the "Customer Apps and Drivers" section of this Community site.

URL: [RELEASE] Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch

This is very helpful, but it doesn't answer all my questions. I'm looking to hear from people who have experienced getting this device to monitor power used by an appliance and used the output to trigger automations.