Using Ring API Virtual Device in a Rule

I installed the unofficial Ring API. It's working. When I set my ring alarm it shows away, home or disabled in the device. I want to use this in a rule but the device is not available in the rules section.. What am I missing? I thought there was another place to select devices available but I not finding it. Thanks

Try the instruction on #28 of this post.

Helpful but not quite there. It appears the ring api is not syncing with HSM. I can see the mode change in the virtual ring devive and I can change the mode manually in mode manger and it will trigger the rule. So close.

I think it's a one way sync. Ring will set your HSM but not the other way around.
See this post

I'm not trying to use hubitat to arm/disarm my Ring. I want hubitat to turn on/off lights when I arm/disarm my Ring from the phone app or keypad. I see the mode change in the Ring API but the mode never changes in HSM unless I change it manually.

Do you have "Sync Ring Alarm mode to HSM mode?" Selected in your Ring Virtual alarm hub"? You need to select this to see HSM changes when you armed/disarmed your ring. See picture below.

Another route you can take is for trigger in Rule machine.
Select custom command as your trigger
Device = ring alarm hub
Attribute= mode
Select value = the mode you want

Action = whatever you want.

Yes I have the sync with HSM selected. I did try your suggestion with the custom rule. That is working. Thank you.

Now my ring websocket shows closed. I just realized the ring app is not listed under the apps selection. All the devices are present.

I fixed everything I broke. All is working. Thanks again

Glad you got it working.
What was the fixed for getting the apps back? HPM repair? Just want to know for future reference.

I tried repair but it didn't work . I removed the ring app after deleting the rules attached to the devices. Then did a fresh install.

Can I hop on this question and get some help, please? When I change modes in Ring it changes modes for HSM - great! But I cannot get it to go in reverse. I have tried rules, and again, I can make it flow from ring to HSM but not in the opposite direction. Can anyone help me what I'm missing here? It's probably super simple but I'm stumped. Thank you for any help you can give me.

In my research I was only finding information that indicates the ring integration is unidirectional, hubitat is only a listener. I did find some threads where people were working on what you are attempting but I did not dive into it since my intent was to set the alarm with the ring app and then use hubitat triggers,

So there are a few ways, here how I both directly turn off Ring Alarm and turn on "home" mode directly from HE via rules:

I also use a Pico in our car to set Away/Vacation mode:

I use AlexaGuard with an Alexa Routine for the reverse, than ensures when we use the Ring app everything stays in sync.

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@SoundersDude Can you provide more information as to where you are doing these actions and an example of what the complete code looks like?


Sure, so in Rule Machine, if you create a new rule, you could set a condition like this to only run when Ring is in a certain state:

Then for the action, you do the following;

Note that I chose "Run Custom Action" and "Actuator" here. Those two steps are clear as you are calling custom methods on this virtual device.

On Parameter Type, you'd choose "string" and then Home/Away, etc.

So mine looks like this:

So my final rule would look something like this.

Hope that is helpful


Thank you.

Hello :wave:
Am new to Hubitat and still trying to get the hang of it. Been trying to do some actions once my Ring Alarm is set to Away Mode. Have added the devices using Unofficial Ring Support APP. I can also see these devices in my list of devices.

Now when I try to use the Rule Machine,

I go into Rule Machine and choose Triggers, can’t find my Ring devices to choose from

Might be missing something obvious, but just not sure what.

Note: Can see that my manual mode changes are reported on the event logs, hence am assuming there is no problem with the connection. Have also set the Sync Ring Alarm Mode to HSM option

So you want to choose "Custom Attribute" from that list, then you can select the Alarm Virtual hub like this and get access to a ton of the properties. Here I'm showing the options if you choose "mode" as the trigger:

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Thats awesome! Thank you! :pray: That worked :smiley:

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