Hubitat® Safety Monitor (with Ring) not working for me

I just installed HSM. My main goal is to use it on a dashboard so i could arm/disarm from a tile, so there is no need to define many rules in it.

After the installation I made some rules just to test it. When I click Arm Home it says it is armed but my Ring system is not really armed. If I arm Ring directly then HSM shows that it is armed.

BEFORE arming the HSM

AFTER arming HSM

My ring alarm is never armed. Any idea what I missed ?

I don't sync Ring with HSM but I think you need to set syncing on in the ring virtual hub. I see your rule above is just to activate the Ring siren on intrusion.

Thank's for your answer. I already have it sync and that's probably why when I arm it directly on Ring it updates it in HSM. But when I arm it from HSM it does not work. For now, the siren is enough for me.

You can set all 3 modes in one Rule Machine rule to sync HSM to Ring if you really want.

I think I will do that. Thank you !

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