Using Pico 3rd (round) button for scenes

So, I was thinking, since I have many Lutron Picos that are used in the native mode by only controlling Lutron switches and dimmers and not even pulled into Hubitat, what if I do pull them in and only set up the third button, which is the round button, that I never use, to trigger a custom action.., I did that and it works beautifully. So now all my Picos that are serving as secondary controllers for the main Lutron devices can also have a single scene capability.
Maybe this was done before, but if not, I’m happy to contribute.


Did your Pico have a default lutron function/scene setup for button #3? And if so did you somehow turn the default function off so you could use the button in hubitat for a different purpose?

I found this describing how to change the function but not turn it off...

Unfortunately there’s not way to disable the 3rd button from the native Lutron function, unless you have RadioRA3 system. So when you press it, it will actually do both actions simultaneously. Not a problem for me, there re some rules you can setup to mitigate it somewhat.