Lutron Pico 3 way setup

Newbie Lutron question. I have a caseta dimmer installed, and a Pico as a 3 way setup. I set the pico up through hubitat and used button controller to control the caseta dimmer. With this setup I am getting the 1-2 second delay that I have found in other threads.

So the suggestion is that I associate the pico in lutron to the dimmer i want controlled. Here comes the dumb question... How is that done? Is it simply putting the pico in the same "room" in the lutron app? Right now I have all the picos in their own "pico" room.

Yes, that'll do it!

I personally do not even bother adding Pico remotes that are used as true 3-way/4-way switches to the Hubitat hub.



Is it still possible to use the favorite (center button) I think thats what its called button in Hubitat or is it all or nothing?

Based on Using Pico 3rd (round) button for scenes, it's possible to pair them in the Lutron Hub, but set up the round button in Hubitat.


So I have the pico in the room with the dimmer and now its instant.

The center button has a function by default it seems, goes to some preset level. I wonder if I can get rid of that default function. I still have the Pico brought into Hubitat but I deleted the button controller that I had set up.

Looks like you can adjust it but not delete or remove.

I agree. Based on that reading, it looks like you'll have to be creative. Hubitat will still see Button 3 pushed and can react off it. For instance, you could still create a "movie mode" with that button in Button Controller and programmed in Lutron. Just have the button in Lutron be the default light setting you prefer. In button controller, have the button toggle a "movie mode" virtual switch. In rule machine, have the switch coming on do other actions including turning off the light (if desired). It's a round about way of programming, but still usable. When you toggle the movie mode virtual switch off, it will set the light to your default state via the Lutron hub.


I set the fave button on the Pico while the dimmer was off and that set it to essentially another off button. Wasn't sure it would allow that but it did which is nice,