Using [Lock] Event Value in Rule

My Lock has LockCode event that I use as a trigger to a Rule in Rule Machine. The LockCode event has value that contains the PersonName. How can I use the Lock Code value, i,e, the PersonName in the Rule.

The Lock Code trigger event allows me to select one or more Values which is a list of PersonName. When a LockCode Event return a value matching to the selected list, the trigger is TRUE.

The question is how can I pick up the LockCode Value for this event and use it in the rule.

Not sure from the above what action you're trying to execute - but for speak/send notifications, you can plug in various variables using %var%:

%device% = device name
%value% = event value
%time% = event time
%date% = event date
%now% = current time

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Using Echo Speak to welcome the person come in through the door :grin:

Also found that the Lock Code events are not consistently recording all the related events, i.e. when a lock code is entered on the lock's keypad of the Schlage Lock.

Have you tried Custom Attribute ?

How do I find out the Custom Attribute on the device? And use them on Rule Machine?

Schlage Z-Wave locks are known to have issues pairing properly with Hubitat. You may need to add Z-Wave repeaters to enhance your Z-Wave mesh, if your lock is not properly reporting lock code entries. I've been using Zigbee locks and those always report properly.

Setup a rule in Rule Machine to trigger on "Lock code entered on (your lock)".

Have the action speak on your chosen speech device and use below for what to speak:

Welcome home %value%

In this instance %value% will be the name of the person associated with the lock code that was entered.

Are you using the new Schlage Zigbee lock?

I was using a Qwikset 914 Zigbee lock for several years. It recently started sticking when locking, no matter what I tried to fix it. I switched to a Yale Assure Touchscreen lock and haven't looked back.

I had a Schlage Z-Wave lock that worked when I was using Vera. But it refused to work well with SmartThings and then HE.

Zigbee locks are the way to go if you don't want any headaches.


Anyone using Schlage Zigbee Lock on Hubitat Hub?

Look here:

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