Using HE overseas

Thoughts on bringing a home automation system with me when moving overseas.

Planning a move to Malaysia soon from the US. If I’m not mistaken I believe that specific countries have different zigbee and zwave frequencies yes?
Can anyone confirm if that’s a setting in the new C8 or do I need to buy a hub that’s specific to the area?

Also I was thinking of bringing some devices with me from the US but based on different frequencies in different countries. I’m assuming they won’t connect.
From the reading I’ve done it looks like the zwave frequencies are in deed different. But I can’t tell for certain with the zigbee frequencies.

Home automation bits seem to be more expensive in Malaysia and much harder to find. Want to bring as much as I can. If any of my devices here will work when I select the new country zone. ( or buy the different hub ) then makes it easier for me to continue my home automation addiction.

I contacted zooz. They have some zwave motion sensors and window / door contacts that they say can be configured via software for either area. So they are safe to take. But again. Uncertain about the zigbee devices I have.

One last question. In practical terms. I have a spare c7. What’s the work of leaving it on us frequencies for any devices I bring over and have one hub in us frequencies and another in local?

Appreciate thoughts.

The Zigbee frequency remains the same in all countries, so you will be okay with those.

Z-Wave has different frequencies in different countries. The C-7 and C-8 hubs can be updated from the Z-Wave details screen to the required frequency. Technically, the C-7 could be left on the US frequency to work for US devices, but if that is not the reserved Z-Wave frequency for that country, it could be a problem (not sure what problem though…)

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Appreciate the info. That makes me feel better about bringing some devices.
Any thoughts about running 2 Hubs together on different zwave frequencies?
Will the hub connect work or will I have to set up discretely?
Thanks. Mac.

Countries regulate the radio frequency spectrum differently. So in countries where Z-wave is approved for a different frequency than the US, presumably there’s something else operating in that frequency, and it’s often fire, ambulance and police services.

Whether you’re comfortable with the possibility of actually interfering with those kinds of radio transmissions, or getting caught by the authorities operating an unlicensed device, depends on a lot on the individual user and where you’d be using the devices.


Never thought about that. Don’t want to get in trouble in a foreign country!

I would think that, most likely, you’ll never actually interfere with local emergency service radio transmissions, nor would you get caught using unlicensed radio equipment.

However, not being an expert on radio equipment or enforcement of legal regulations re: radio frequency usage worldwide, I personally wouldn’t take that chance.

In neighboring Singapore, for instance, they take a pretty no-nonsense approach to law enforcement, for infractions big and small.


Malaysia is similar. Although there are state to state variations in the penalty for infractions of the law. But, like you, I don’t see this being detected very easily, or being subject to anything but a slap on the wrist.

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Or the backside…


In case you decide to move forward with 2 Z-Wave frequencies, these will not interfere with each other and will not cause any issues with Hub Mesh.


A couple of things to think about if you were to bring mains powered devices with you to Malaysia are whether you can legally use these devices there (what electrical conformity do Malaysian electrical standards require of mains powered devices) and whether Malaysia even uses the same voltage and frequency as the US. Battery powered devices should not be an issue.

And as others have already advised above, Z-wave frequency may differ between the countries but the region can be changed on any C7 or C8 from the Z-Wave settings page, and Zigbee uses the same frequency range world wide.


240 / 50 hz.
Most small wall wort type power supplies ( that convert to DC ) handle 120/60 or 240/50. Apple phone chargers. Laptops…etc The power supply will list the voltage input though. Never looks at my HE power supply but they are easy enough to get the right power supply if it doesn’t.

I would imagine most USB powered devices should be easy enough to get small power supplies / hubs to do the translation from local power to USB. I wonder whether, for some devices, the cost of buying a convertor to local power supply may go close in some instances to cost of replacing the device with one that is sold for use locally in Malaysia...?

With respect to mains powered devices, it’s less of a legal issue and more of a “I can’t even plug it in,” or “I just fried my device, or started an electrical fire” thing due to different voltage and wiring standards (although it would also be illegal, for good reason)..

But OP actually asked about that in another recent topic, so presumably we are discussing battery powered devices in this thread (though not explicitly stated in the OP).

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It felt like a relatively general question around taking HE overseas, but happy to be guided by whatever @macdenewf needs, all seems like useful info so far from everyone...

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I’m not so much worried about if I can plug it in.
The HE hub is powered with a 5 v usb power supply. Even if it were not 240v rated ( just checked…it is) it’s more about the devices I can bring with me vs need to source locally for frequency compatibility.
Appreciate the info on zigbee devices being the same frequency. Will certainly be bringing some light strips. I just checked the unused sylvania light strips I have. They are all 120/ 240. 50/60 compatible. Just need to buy the right gender bender adapter so the us plus can fit into a type g plug. ( couple bucks a piece )

I’ve been looking on line for devices / sensors and a ) they seem to be more expensive there and b ) no where near as many options outside the US ( bigger market I guess ).

zooz sell some zwave sensors that can be programmed for either zwave location frequency. That’s a great option as I can get them here. Flash them then take with me.

Haven’t seen a ton of mains powered switches. Will definitely buy local and on the proper frequency. Seems like everyone over seas uses relays behind the plate as the most common option. Prefer to not use wifi but apparently Shelly have a good interface if I can’t find zwave or zigbee

I’m convinced I’m taking an HE system. Im getting a c8 regardless. As I have a spare c7 I may experiment with different frequencies but if I can get the proper zwave frequencies In the devices I want then there is no need.

Appreciate all the input though. Looking forward to setting up a new system

I’m planning on leaving the existing system in tact in my current home. Will be renting it out so if the tenants want to play with it…I moved it to a new email address for the admin.



Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere.... :slight_smile:

But seriously, interesting topic, to see the ins-and-outs of moving from the US to outside the US. Would be interesting to hear about others who have done something similar, perhaps in a separate topic...

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