240v light switches

Just wondering.
We’re in the process of moving to Malaysia.
I’m clearly going to take a Hubitat hub so with me.
I have a good amount of led strips that I’ve never used and several motion sensors and door sensors in my fun drawer that would be a shame to waste.
All of the led strips are low voltage of course so should be pretty easy to get the right power adaptor for 240 down to 12 volts and just wire in to the same cable going to my led strip controller.

But. I have been looking on line for lighting options or rather light switch options for 240v 50 hz. I know there are lots of tuya options but seems like you have to flash them to be either compatible or run efficiently on HE.

Was wondering. Most power supplies these days can auto sense between 120 and 240v. When I travel I plug all of my portable devices directly into 240 without issue ( at least the ones marked for 120/240. ). I know the size of us and Asia switches are different. ( more square than rectangle. ) but I wonder why the major manufacturers of smart switches don’t re purpose their US designs and put it in a UK/Asia form factor? Seems to me where should be a decent sized market.

Just musing. But if anyone knows of a good reliable switch and or dimmer that works ( and certified to work on Malaysia ) I’d certainly appreciate it.

I’m also wondering if the signal / mesh will
Work as well. Did some house hunting there recently. Mostly everything is built from concrete. Even inside walls in a lot of places. Might need me a ton of devices to work as repeaters!

Either way. I’m taking a system!

Appreciate anyone that has experience in the area giving me some opinions.


240v 50Hz is the same as the UK... might help you to look for UK spec stuff...

NZ and AUS are 240v & 50hz also.
As for good light switches and dimmers, there is very limited choice.
I use a mix of in wall Zigbee and Zwave modules which connect to the original dumb wall switch and are tucked into the wall box.

I very rarely touch a light switch now as all control is automated via presence, motion, light level or time of day.

Ya. I’ve seen the posts on the relays thst drop in behind. I’ve never figured how people jam them in behind a switch. Maybe the UK, Asia gang boxes have more space behind them but I can barely get a smart switch in the box here in the US.

Do you know the Shelly devices? I know they are wifi, but they are extremely reliable and integrate perfectly into Hubitat working locally. The connection is stable and, as a bonus, they bring very accurate energy monitoring.

I live in Brazil, and in my city we have 220v with two live wires of the same phase, and I use the Shelly devices normally without neutral to energy measurement. I was afraid of setting my house on fire - not afraid of the fire, but afraid of my wife! -, so I did a lot of research and found others using Shelly devices in the same condition as me, so I tested and it really works perfectly.

Althought I use it for power measurement ina a specific scenario and use zigbee on all my other devices, Shelly has a full lineup of various devices that can serve you. They are used a lot in Europe, mainly England.

I'm telling it because you probably will find the same power scheme there, and in some cases it is difficult to pass an extra wire to the neutral.


I’ve seen the Shelly relays. Also believe Aeotec has similar. Might have to go that route as there doesn’t seem to be many switch options. How does the wifi versions work with Hubitat? My experience with HE has been with zigbee and zwave. I haven’t integrated in any wifi. Does it need a different hub or controller or does HE control them through the Wifi router? Thanks.

Hubitat can connect directly to Shelly devices.

I confess that I was afraid to use WiFi devices - I only had my receiver connected via WiFi, my entire setup is based on Zigbee -, but I ended up testing it due to the accuracy of these devices to measure energy consumption. I was pleasantly surprised as it is as stable and responsive as any zigbee device.

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