User App BUG: Clicking 'Cog' icon in Parent (User) App nullifies/deletes Child Device

I waited to report this until it happened a third time, since I incorrectly thought it was only happening in one particular User App.


  1. Open Devices ► click on child device of any User App (e.g. "The Computer" created by Wake-On-LAN);
  2. Scroll down to Parent App and click link to visit Parent App;
  3. Observe that device is currently listed with Name and other details (see screenshot);
  4. Click the Child Device's entry in list, then . . .
  5. . . . click blue 'Cog' icon in upper-right corner of screen (see screenshot);
  6. Click "Back to App" button;
  7. Observe that same device now has (null) for Name and (possibly) other details lost (see screenshot);
  8. Click Devices, and observe that Child Device (e.g. "The Computer") now gone.

Seems to be about 100% repeatable, and has now happened to me in both the "WakeOnLan" and "PC Controller" user apps. FYI, I'm in at the moment. Fortunately, returning to the Parent App and re-entering the device's Name restores it in Devices (and presumably it remains connected to all existing "In Use By" apps, although this is untested by me).

  • Libra

This is an app bug, not repeatable in general.

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Just as you were replying, I was amending the steps-to-reproduce to include one extra click, namely of the Child Device in the list, prior to clicking blue cog.

Based on your assessment, I've reported the issue to owner of "PC Controller" and will now do same for "WakeOnLan". THANKS!