[RELEASE] WAKE ON LAN - wake/boot up your computers via the hub

This works great for turning on my QNAP NAS! I have the NAS set to automatically shut down five minutes after my UPS switches to battery. Hubitat then uses this to turn it back on when the power is restored after checking that the voltage at the wall is correct (in case of brown out).


Installed and configured easily. Works perfectly. Thank you!

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I love this App! I've had some trouble with my Smart TV. It kept dropping out of my WLAN, so I decided to put it directly onto the LAN. So far so good, but now my GH stopped turning it on, because it wasn't in my WLAN, so it couldn't find it... :roll_eyes:
Everything else worked, as soon as I turned it on, using my remote. Using this App I quickly created the WOL-device (took about 1 minute), then a virtual switch and another 30 sec. for the HE rule.
Then I forwarded the virtual switch to my GH, typed the routine, so that the TV can be turned on using voice command and voilà! Now everything works just perfect. A big “Thank You” to @gilshallem for this wonderful App!

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what is the difference between "On" and "wake" switches?

Installed this app to enable my Samsung TV to be turned on via Alexa voice command. Works great with the Samsung. I also set up my Apple TV on the same network for WakeOnLan with its MAC address. Unfortunately I can’t get the Apple TV to wake in response to the app request. I have tried ports 7, 9 and 0 without success.

Any ideas why this app would not work on an Apple TV?

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Per this bug report, I'd like to bring your attention to a minor (but repeatable) issue uncovered in WakeOnLan, which can cause its Child Device(s) to disappear.

See User App BUG: Clicking 'Cog' icon in Parent (User) App nullifies/deletes Child Device

Hi I have tried setting this up with google home it shows in the device list in the hub for google home but it does not make it to the google app

Not sure what did happen..but mine is not working anymore and can't wake up any of my computers. Anyone else seeing same issue?

Thanks for the app. This is working great for me. I've configured some picos to wake various devices including my SYNOLOGY NAS. Very handy!

I think that you may have a bug in this program:


I would like to start by saying THANK YOU!!!! Love this!
I have been using it for a while now.
I have it configured through my Amazon Alexa bridge. My problem is that whenever I ask Alexa to turn it on.. it tries.. then ALWAYS says "the device is not responding" even if it does in fact turn it on. I think that is becuase your driver does not return an On/Off status. Which it could.. with a simple ping. Especially after turning it on. Also that would be nice because if I put a button on the dashboard of my remote the button would be able to show the status of the computer.

Hubitat does not get the signal.
I think it is because my PC is via lan connected to the router A which is connected to the internet.
Hubitat is connected via lan to the router B which is setup as repeater.
Any idea what needs to happen that hubitat can control my PC?

Hubitat isn't receiving a signal. It is sending a packet to your PC. You will need to configure your network so that the hub can send a packet to the PC.

Any idea how to do this?

this is the error message

I checked the repeater he is seeing the PC

That message is saying that either you code

  1. doesn’t have a method off()
    0r that
  2. the off() method requires a parameter

TBH not sure if I installed the right app


That is the one I use. If it helps, this is how I have it configured:

Can you start the pc via the hubitat app via pressing button ON or Wake?

I can wake it from sleep by hitting On or Wake on the Study PC device page, or by issuing a custom command wake as the action in a rule. It isn't going to power on the PC from off unless your PC supports that on a wake on LAN.

Here's what I have in the BIOS of the PC, and configured in Windows

Works like a charm. Many thanks for your hard work on setting this up.