Use Twilio to make a call?

So currently I have twilio text me if my alarm is going off, but sometimes I miss the text. Has anyone figured out how to have it call a number and play a prerecorded message? I would love to have it call my cell and my wifes cell and say "the alarm at home is going off."

I use iFTTT to do that.

can you elaborate how. I have never used ifttt

I know Twilio has this capability (I've used it in some software for work before to make robocalls). However, I don't believe the existing integration in HE supports the API calls necessary to do this. So yes, it's possible, but it'd require some programming to make it happen.

Dominick, I had no idea you were so evil.

Lol, I built software for schools that would call parents to tell them when school was closed due to snow. Not anything evil :slight_smile:

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Just download the iFTTT app and setup an account, you can do a free account up to 3 custom scripts. Then in Hubitat add a virtual switch to turn on when the alarm is activated and add the built-in iFTTT integration app and assign the virtual switch to it so iFTTT will have access to read changes to that switch. Back in the iFTTT app you create a new script where if in Hubitat your virtual switch turns on call your device using VOIP.

I also use IFTTT for the purpose of calling my phone. Since IFTTT changed to only allowing for 3 free applets, my 3 applets are:
House is flooding = Call my phone
House is being broken into = Call my phone
Smoke Alarm turns on = Call my phone

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So update. Twilio says its very similar to sending SMS and they do support TTS calls. So I have emiled Hubitat and requesting this to be built into huibitat like SMS is ans since SMS via twilio is already supported, it should be an easy to implement on their end. So now we wait and see. But I also made a post in the feature request sections.

So if you have time maybe brop by my post and let them know you too want this feature built into hubitat. (Then were not limieded to 3 IFTTT)

I see this feature as a life saving feature.

Here is my post.

I agree, thanks for requesting it. I saw you mention DND and phone calls going through where SMS messages don't. Pushover is currently supported and works great and you can setup you devices as normal or high priority and the pushover app has the ability to override DND for high priority alerts if you enable that. I always hear the Pushover alert even when my phone is on silent mode (which it is almost always) and when its on DND. And the best part is Pushover is a one time cost of $5 per platform for your family with family sharing in the mobile app stores.

Got an email responce from Hubitat. :slight_smile: Looks like it will get implemented at some point.


Thank you for your suggestion. I really like the idea, and I have forwarded to our engineering team for future consideration.

Thanks again for your feedback,


You can actually do this now with my community driver. See this old but recently updated post for details:

I'm using @ritchierich driver. Works great. Price of Twilio is really quite cheap. $1 a month for phone number plus about a penny a call. I'm expecting my initial $20 to last well over a year.

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I just set this up and renewed my Twilio account last night but haven't tested it yet.

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