Use Tasker on Android to trigger events in Hubitat

I'm hoping someone can help and keep it reasonably simple (idiot proof in other words!). I'm relatively new to Hubitat so still getting to grips with some of the basics.

I'm looking for a way for Tasker to be used as a trigger in Hubitat. Initally I am looking for a way to turn on/off a light when I remove/put my phone on a wireless charger and I thought using tasker would be the best solution

TIA for any help/suggestions!

It can definitely be done. Try this thread:

Take a look at this one also:


Essentially you'll need to run a HTTP Request (POST) to your hub and from HE use Http Get to receive the message. This might help on the latter Simple way to make http GET request?

I've done this on node red but not on HE directly so can't be of more help.

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Take a look at the Maker API app in HE.

Yep use the maker API like mentioned above, i use it at night when my phone goes on charge and i put it face down when i go to bed all the lights turn off.


Thanks for your help! This worked great

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