Use Rule Machine to notify mobile app

[This forum won't let me add a screen shot or link, so bear with me please]

I would like to send a notification to the mobile app when motion is detected. Another post has exactly what I want to do. See the screen shot in the first post here:

https:// community[dot]hubitat[dot]com/t/push-notications-from-mobile-app/20114

Here's where I'm at in Rule Machine 4.0:

  • named the rule: Motion Detected Rule
  • added a trigger event: Motion Sensor *changed*
  • added a condition action: IF (Motion Sensor active) THEN
  • now I'm ready to add another action to send the notification
  • the drop-down list for Select Action Type to add has these items only:
    Conditional Actions
    Control Switches, Push Buttons
    Set Dimmers and Bulbs
    Send, Speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request
    Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action
    Set Private Boolean, Run/Cancel/Pause Rules
    Capture/Restore, Device Refresh or Polling
    Delay or Repeat Actions, Wait

However, I'm stuck because I don't see any way to add the Notify action for my phone.

What should I choose, or have I missed something? Need some hand-holding. :blush:

Thanks for your help!

Other info:

  • running firmware
  • I have the Hubitat app installed on my phone.
  • In the device page for the phone, I set the deviceNotification text and successfully received the notification on the phone.

Choose "Send, Speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request"
Then "send or speak a message"

Then there is a place to choose what device receives the message.


Thanks for the quick response, @greg. That really helped. I was able to add it.

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