Use Remote to Simulate Keypad


Anyone know if there is a way in RM to simulate a 4-digit key entry using a remote like the zrc-90us? Something like pressing 1342 and button 7 for arm and button 8 for disarm?

Maybe a virtual keypad could be created!


Any thoughts on maybe a Virtual Keypad? The keypads mentioned in the list are very hard to find anymore. thanks


Did you check @arnb 's post? He just ported an updated SHM Delay (and renamed it). He used to have a simulated keypad in SHM Delay. Might have that in his new app.


Worked on porting the Simulated Keypad a while back, but an Oauth command used on ST works differently on HE, and that's where it sits for now.

The recently released app is Nyckelharpa, an HSM extension.


@arnb Any chance you will be going back to it? I think there are some people that could benefit from it considering the keypads are hard to find. The zrc-90us having 8 buttons could easily be used as a keypad giving you 6 numbers for code and one for arm and one for disarm and that is just using a single press of a button. thanks


@SmartHomePrimer I will take a look, thanks for the suggestion. I am hoping a single driver to simulate is possible.


Anyone think that this could be done? A simple driver to simulate a virtual keypad! Especially using the zrc-90us remote.


So you basically want button presses in a specific order to trigger arming or disarming HSM? Perhaps I don't understand all of what Nyckelharpa/SHM Delay does, but I don't see how it would help in this situation. A custom app that keeps track of the order of presses (and "times out" each after a certain amount of time) would probably be what you need, but you should also be able to simulate something with Rule Machine and a series of virtual switches. With your example of using presses of buttons 1, 3, 4, and 2, maybe something like:

  • RM Trigger: ZRC-90US button 1 pressed - > turn on Virtual Switch 1
  • RM Triggered Rule: ZRC-90US button 3 pressed - > if Virtual Switch 1 on -> turn on Virtual Switch 3
  • RM Triggered Rule: ZRC-90US button 4 pressed - > if Virtual Switch 3 on -> turn on Virtual Switch 4
  • RM Triggered Rule: ZRC-90US button 2 pressed - > if Virtual Switch 4 on -> turn on Virtual Switch 2
  • RM Triggered Rule: ZRC-90US button 7 pressed - > if Virtual Switch 2 on -> arm HSM
  • RM Triggered Rule: ZRC-90US button 8 pressed - > if Virtual Switch 2 on -> disarm HSM

I'd set each virtual switch to automatically turn on off after a few seconds (I'd definitely make them turn off at some point, however short you can get away with...and maybe even add it as an additional action in the last two triggered rules to be extra sure...and maybe plain triggers would work now with conditional actions in RM3, so you might not need the triggered rule, but that's a different story).

This is a little messy, but off the top of my head it seems like it could work. :slight_smile: (Be careful what else you set up, since it would be easy for someone to just turn on Virtual Switch 2 somehow then be able to, say, press 8 to disarm. You could make it test for all the virtual switches and not just the previous one, but the same issue comes into play. Not necessarily a big deal depending on where you have the keypad mounted, etc.)


@bertabcd1234 Interesting idea. I will look into doing that and see what I can come up with. Now if there was just a way to have a 3 try lockout and it just may work. I wish I knew how to create a driver but no can do. thanks


Add a virtual dimmer to the mix. Start it at 0, then increment the level every time an incorrect sequence is used. (You might need a lot of triggers--RM makes you choose a button, it appears, so you can't just choose any button and sort it out with conditionals in the actions.) Either turn on a virtual "lockout switch" and test for that or test for the switchLevel of the dimmer in the rule that disarms, and create some other rule to reset unless you want to do that manually. :slight_smile:


@bertabcd1234 Wow we are getting more complicated. I will see if I can get it to work. thanks


Yeah, might be easier just to write an app that subscribes to pushed events for a button device, then the app can worry about keeping track of what's been done. It would definitely be less messy. But, of course, that requires writing custom code. :slight_smile: I actually might have a use for this (I want to use a Pico remote in my car as a sort of "welcome home" remote but want to have to press a few buttons in a specific order to avoid accidents), so maybe some day I'll try...


@bertabcd1234 Well I can't argue with that. I hope you do get the itch to write something because I think a lot of other people could benefit from using a virtual keypad app. The remotes are easy to find (zrc-90us) but the other keypads not so much. thanks
I do believe they have a EU version of the remote, zrc-90EU?? After looking they have seven variations.

EDIT: The more I look at this I think the zrc-90xx would be a great choice. You could use buttons 1-5 as the code, 6 as panic, 7 as arm and 8 as disarm. It has a mounting bracket as well. Since it will do single press and double press that gives it even more capability.


Perhaps, HE Oauth commands and usage vary from ST. A specific command I used was not available, but the last time I tried was over 7 months ago.


Well if you do go back to it I hope the commands you need are available, sure would be nice to have it. thanks


Another big issue is packaging this thing into a phone app. It cost $$ on Android to get it into the AppStore, and $$ to simply package it as an app on the iOS platform.

Because of this, I released the ST Keypad simulator as a WebPage, and a self published Android app.


@arnb Not sure what I am looking at. I see the website with the keypad. Unfortunately I won't have a way to use when leaving or arriving because I don't have any tablets. My phone is a flip.
I hope it works great for you and others though.


I understand, I was forced to give up my flip phone a few years back when ATT killed 2G :cold_sweat:

It works by tapping by on the numbers and keys as if you were using a real keypad.

Started reviewing the Oauth code I worked on in Nov 2018. :roll_eyes:


Is there an app for the phone or is it just through a web page?


Yes there is an Android app. The link is It's documented at this link, works only with SmartThings at the moment.