Use Any Temp Sensor to Control Ecobee

Hello All,

I am wanting to use the average of temperatures across my 2 story home from devices that have seen movement in the past hour (including both Ecobee and non-ecobee temp/motion sensors).

Any Ideas, I can only find apps that only use the Ecobee sensors.

Thank You

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There was a fantastic app built to average sensors, written by @Cobra (Andy).

You could have used that along with Rule Machine to control your ecobee.

But people stole Andy's code, didn't like the license he chose (for his code!), and generally caused him grief. So he pulled his Hubitat apps.

And this is why we can't have nice things.


Well that is a bummer, but what can we do today :slight_smile:

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Does the Ecobee actually let you use non-Ecobee sensors, or more generally, is there a way to make an arbitrary thermostat use arbitrary sensors in Hubitat? The first might be possible, but I don't know the Ecobee. The second seems unlikely to me since the thermostat itself would need to compare temperature to setpoint, but without support on the thermostat side (which I know Ecobee has for its own sensors), there's not much Hubitat could (gracefully and reliably) do.

No. Which is a major reason it is high on my list of devices to replace.

An averaging app is super easy to write. Or you may be able to use an alternative app like wato to do this.

That's one issue, but the other is: how do you get the thermostat to care about this other value? The ones I'm aware of work only with their own remote sensors. I confess that I'm not aware of many such thermostats, so this is a legitimate question, not a dismissal of this possibility. What thermostats support this? With a regular "smart but dumb" thermostat (like the Zen Thermostat or really most basic Zigbee or Z-Wave thermostats--or the Ecobee that apparently only supports its own), I don't see any way to do this: the thermostat has its setpoint, the thermostat has its room temperature measurement, and there is no way to feed an arbitrary different temperature measurement to the device for use with comparison to the setpoint.

I've thought about this myself with my "smart but dumb" thermostat and the closest I could think of would be to fake it by adjusting the setpoint a degree or two if some desired room sensor isn't close to where it "should" be--what I meant above by not being "graceful" or "reliable."

Adjust the thermostat setpoint up or down until the temp you are looking at reaches the temp you want.

I looked at doing this with my ecobee since the ecobee room sensors are so expensive and it became such a mess when you combine it with the comfort profile settings on the ecobee that it just became unmanageable. That's why I switched to a GoControl (well, that and the Ecobee servers being down 90% of the time).

Yes I agree, the Ecobee sensors are unnecessarily expensive and they report back so slowly, that it is laughable. How do like your go control so far?

I do like the idea that it is z wave for sure.

Good....i like it. But i do miss the comfort profile setting available in my Ecobee. Thermostat scheduler just isn't the same.

So can you use the temps from other sensors to help adjust the gocontrol?

There's a custom driver that @JasonJoel wrote that allow you to adjust the tempt offset from other sensors, year. I'll let me him comment on that.

Some thermostats, including the GoControl, have a calibration or bias setting for the built in temperature sensor.

By having a program, run periodically (every minute? every 5 minutes? whatever) you can adjust that bias.calibration and effectively control off of an arbitrary other temperature.

The downside is it takes a little code, and it requires the hub to work. If the hub doesn't work, then the thermostat operates off the local temperature - with whatever bias was last written to it.

The GoControl, and some others, can also directly use an external Zwave sensor. I tried that, but wasn't comfortable that I understood how it worked well enough, so I stuck with the hub program method.

Another downside of the GoControl is that it does not support scheduling in the thermostat. So again you have to use the hub and an app - like Hubitat's thermostat scheduler app - if you want automatic program/setpoint changes.

Does it tax the hubitat resources, because it sounds like a great Ecobee solution to me.

No, not really. Just a single zwave write per thermostat, at whatever frequency you setup the program. As long as your zwave mesh is healthy it shouldn't be a big deal.

Can I try it out possibly JasonJoel?


The Enhanced GoControl driver is posted on here (and my github), and anyone can use it. The SensorCal parameter is the one that needs to be updated by a program to adjust the temp on the thermostat.

However, my app wouldn't be useful to you as it is written for my specific needs. You would need to make your own, or figure out a way to do it in Rule Machine.

Oh, I am using the Ecobee, so I can't test or use the GoControl one unfortunetly. Does anyone know of an Ecobee driver that can adjust the bias calibration?

Thanks You

The ecobee thermostat does not have user adjustable bias/calibration. So you are out of luck doing anything programmatically. That is actually the exact reason I ripped out all 4 of my ecobee 3s.

Only thing you can do with ecobee is use their external sensors.