Use Aeon Minimote for Inclusion

Is it possible to use the Aeon Minimote for pairing new devices? I was able to successfully add the Minimote to my system and use the pushable buttons, but I can't seem to use it to include new devices like I could on ST.

I have several switches that will only pair when in close physical proximity to the Z-wave radio and I was previously able to use the Minimote as something of a proxy for inclusion so I didn't have to deal with trying to get out a long network cable and lug my hub all over my house.

Edit: Here's a reference thread:

Hey, that’s like putting me on the spot! :sweat_smile:

Actually, we haven’t spent much time with the Minimote, and as far as I know, have not explored the function of including devices with it. We will put it on the list of things to dig into…


Ha. I thought you might recognize a familiar face in that thread.


I ended up doing this to get several of the low power inclusion devices paired up tonight: :hushed:


Haha. I used a small wifi bridge (TP-Link) and connected that to my hub. I only needed to do it for my garage back door lock. You have to pair a lock within 12 inches of the hub or so.

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The last time I tried to use minimote for inclusion it didn't work, admittedly that was quite a while ago. Can anyone tell me if this has changed?

I've used it for exclusion, never tried it for inclusion.

Hello - just starting with Hubitat and I'm having issues getting my closest zwave device to pair. Can anyone comment if I can pair with a minimote?

Trying to avoid breaking out the extension cords and 50ft network cable.

What device are you trying to pair?

GE toggle dimmer 12729

Did you exclude it first? You can use the minimote for sure

Yes it was successfully excluded via the minimote. Asking about inclusion.

Did you check z wave details to confirm the hub has the radio enabled? I didn't heard we can add devices using the minimote, I have 4 of them.

And what is the distance from your closest device to the hub? Multiple walls in between?

MiniMote CAN be used to join devices BUT there's steps to do and warnings to be heard.

ZWave spec's allow portable controllers to add devices to THE NETWORK (ZWave Mesh) but that's all it does. It joins a device to the USB Stick. It does not cause the hub to go and Initialize it. Nor does it cause the hub to find a fingerprint and match it to a driver.

All of that is left to do after the ZWave join is concluded.

I have a minimote here.. I'll have to give it a try. I haven't used this method since April.
EDIT: I could not get it to include AND be detectable by the Hub. I can see NodeID incremented by 1 but it didn't show up in the Hub to be initialized, etc.

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