Aeotec Minimote for inclusion and door lock help

New user to hubitat, I am having problems connecting my zwave locks (schlage connect) , the device is found by hubitat but the lock gives the dreaded red ex at the end instead of the green checkmark, hubitat lists the device , but I am unable to control it..

I did a reset on the lock and also used a a aeotec z stick for exclusion and I do get the green checkmark for exclusion, but I am not able to pair it successfully. in one of the chats i read that i am able to use a aeotec minimote for inclusion to avoid running a long extension cord and network cable to get the hub next to the lock.

but it was unclear if the minimote would work for inclusion, I need clarification before buying a minimote to attempt inclusion of my z wave locks. any help would be truly appreciated.
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love hubitat so far, local is way faster and more reliable, thank you for developing a great system!!!

I am not sure about the minimote but one thing clear is the lock needs to be pair in secure mode otherwise it won't work probably. You will need to bring the lock or hub close to each other for pairing unless you have a Z-wave plus repeater in between.

The Schlage may not be the worst lock for Joining, it's seriously competing for the crown :smiley:

There's thread after thread about the difficulty. It seems persistence pays off AND the latest Hub firmware.

The Minimote isn't being built anymore. The Aeon ZStick is. From an Exclude/Include standpoint, they are similar. I doubt it will help, however since it needs to have the private key that is on the hub to process the secure portion of the pairing.