URGENT: Everything is working and I have nothing to do. Help! Now!

I don't know where to turn for help. This is how it started...

First, I walked into a room and the light came on. It turned off when I left. I know, like "Woah." Odd, right? Then I said "Google, turn on the island lights." And they came on. No, really, just turned on.

So now I'm totally spooked, it's like when they say "It's quiet. Too quiet..." in a movie and then everyone suddenly dies! The last straw? My wife came into the room and did not complain about anything not working!

Help me please, my world is spinning into control and I don't know what to with myself. Maybe an unnecessary yet self-gratifying Z-Wave Repair? Needlessly exclude and re-include that plug by the front door that's always mocking me by working perfectly? Delete all my rules and re-create them using only one hand and without ever using an If/Then statement?

Please, help me. I don't know how much more of this I can take..........


We'll all see you in a couple days for some new meds :wink:


Do more stuff! Get switches and hook up hub watchdog

Get outdoor sensors like hue motion temp

Get smart ups and configure gracefull shutdown.

Get another house and start over.


This seems like the only true solution... :smiley:


I’ve been facing the same problem. I’m just doing fluff now. Today I put light strips under the bed. Granted, they are quite nice for not tripping over things while also not waking up my wife, but it feels wrong to not be troubleshooting anything.


find more stuff to do. my most recent project was installing a door strike so i can open a door without turning the handle.

do you have LED strips? set up LED strips for fun

do you have a garage door opener? everyone needs a garage door opener

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You guys are scaring me....I was just on Amazon looking at light strips! :hushed::slightly_smiling_face: How did you know?!


LED strips are fun. I would recommend doing RGBWW though. I got RGBW and hate that I can't do a proper white

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Any particular set you'd recommend?

I'd have to leave that answer to the pros. I unfortunately have only RGBW so I can only speak to those

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you can help me with my zwave issue :slight_smile:

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I’d do a soft reset, something certainly isn’t right here!


My sympathies :frowning:

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Yes. I'm now looking at things I haven't got and trying to think of ways I could use them.
Totally pointless. But then, is it?

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Lol, me right now.
At the weekend some clever person created a blink integration. Great I thought, new little project. Bound to be problematic and take an age to get working correctly....nope,works like a dream and literally took less than an hour including modifying my webcore pistons accordingly. I need new toys but I just can't think what else I could do. I already have locks and lights and openers and sensors and blinds and.....
The only thing I haven't got is Neato robotic vacuum integration. I had it in ST but to be honest never really used ST for it but if someone ports over the ST Neato stuff I'll gladly set it all up in HE :wink:


Personal Weather Station!


Also I am confounded by everyone who has a system that "just works". Where is your pioneer spirit? Sense of adventure? Add another hub! Install Home Assistant! Mess around with MQTT!! Node-RED!!!!

There is a ton of stuff to keep you occupied, frustrated and broke for quite a while - all it requires is for you to embrace your inner nerd.


Add water sensors with a whole house water cut off. Test repeatedly. Maybe a garage door opener system. Irrigation unit with a rain sensor? Hmm...


I have Netatmo so covered on the weather front. I have some good automations that use wind, rain and temperature.


I was looking for LED strips myself and found this recommendation from @bcopeland

What LED strips to choose? Hmmm

He also recommends the LED controller from RGBGenie. The one with the built in power supply. I just ordered one.