UPS for Hubitat

I purchased the HE C7 about 2 months ago and am in the process of learning how to use it. Where I live, there are occasional power failures, and it is frustrating that the HE goes crazy every time there is one. I am looking for a UPS to connect to the HE to avoid this problem. I have seen a few options out there, but I would like to know if the Portable 14W UPS & Power Bank with a USB port and 5/9/12VDC outputs could work. I am not interested in connecting other hardware but would like the UPS to protect the HE and give at least 10 minutes of battery backup. How can I create a routine that shuts off the HE 2 minutes after detecting a power failure? What would be the trigger to start the shutdown process?"

The problem you may run into is that most Power Banks don't actually keep continous power. You may want to validate that the one you are looking at will do just that.

The hub generally just needs 5v and at most 1 amp.

My suggestion would be to look at the Konnected battery backup they have on their site which seems like a good option.

The hub doesn't need much power so pretty much anything will last more then 10m

You need some kind of device to tell your hub power state. I have a Ring Keypad that does in my case, or you can use a Ring gen2 extender that also reports power state. There are other options but those are two. Then you just create a rule that when those devices report battery to wait 2 min and issue shutdown command. There i also a Smartapp in the community and HPM that can do this as well.

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This one is much higher runtime and it work with Hubitat.

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Thank you for your help. Would work?.

I checked the specs of the Forza UPS DC-140USB and it indicates "This portable UPS is a DC uninterruptible power supply designed to extend your network power and internet availability in the event of electrical failures, while fully protecting all connected loads. It also ensures continuous operation of critical equipment, security devices and emergency light". Would it work?

Regarding the device reporting HE power state could it be a smart plug with Energy monitor or any device that could report power state correct?

Excellent... looks like this is the way to go. Thank you very much

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keep an eye out for this post. Some insane design going into this one. It's probably will be a while but worth it when it's out.

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I ran my hub for five days on the talentcell battery discussed on the forum. It's seamless.

Even the G1 version of the UPS Battery discuss in the thread "USB-C UPS" gives over 14 hours of battery min my test. It wasn't even high capacity LifePo batteries. I just have two 3.7 1500 mamph batteries in it..

10 min will be a piece of cake. I would probably suggest you do a test to validate whatever you get will actually run. Then set your reboot time accordingly. I set mine to 5 hours online before it reboots.

Anything over 5 hours should be great. Just ordered the Konnected UPS Backup Battery - 12V DC Power Bank.

What I need help is in finding a device that could report to HE after a power fail so a countdown start for a routine to shutdown HE after x amount of hours. Besides a Ring keypad, what other device could work? Thank you

12v wont work hub requires 5v

Also most of your devices that repeat are not battery except for.maybe ring extenders so.the hub with not be able to control much and may not even get sensor signals if all repeating devices are offline.

@RickyV USB-C UPS designed by the community for Hubitat


It has a USB port that does 5v output up to 2.1 amp.

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And if you want power outage detection, a Ring Range Extender is one of the better options.

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and how are you going to shut down the hub after x amount of time if it is on the battery backup. .you will need a usb switch or something..

CyberPower CP350SLG Standby UPS System, 350VA/255W, 6 Outlets, Compact

I use this in my attic and have a few other things plugged into it - POE injector for cameras, small hub, YoLink hub, etc. Has worked well.

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I use POE for whatever I can, it centralizes power for devices that can use it (or can be adapted to) and also simplifies a UPS solution as I just need my POE switch on the UPS and it covers everything it's running.

not really as you have no way to cleanly shut down the hub in case of a prolonged power outage.. and risk database corruption.

Is is possible to create a Rule that when VARIABLE Power changes to "NO" start a countdown and then send a command to HE hub to shutdown?

For the most part, this won’t work the way you’re envisioning it.

Most plugged in or hardwired devices can’t tell the hub they’ve just lost power. Because they’ve just lost power :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hence the suggestions to use devices like the Ring branded ones that plug in, have a backup battery, and can report to the hub which power source they are currently using.

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