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What do you mean by this?
I understand The 2nd option

The cobra apps container is an app that holds all the other apps

If you install that first you can then install other apps from there (but you need to install the parent/child code first)

Have a look on this website: http://hubitat.uk for installation help

It is actually better to comment out the line as shown because I will stop supporting the Cobra Apps container soon.


still go an error

unexpected token: Presence Central @ line 54, column 11.

I'm sorry, I told you the wrong line number
(My version has different lines numbers )

comment out this line in the parent app only

parent: "Cobra:Cobra Apps", // ******** Comment this out if not using the 'Cobra Apps' container ***************

In the Presence Central parent that is on GitHub it's line 60


I have presence central setup and i think I have it mostly right except if I'm home and it's day , and it becomes night.

I have set up afterr sunset - it should change mode to evening if group 2 is true. (someone home).

But I don't think it will trigger unless someone arrives is that right ? It doesn't seem to trigger if someone is already home.

Not sure how to accomplish this. I'd greatly appreciate advise

Thank you

Hi there

Correct! Presence Central only reacts to presence triggers.
It will not change modes for evening etc if someone is home already, this is because it can only change things when presence changes.

I have another app 'Modes Plus' which can change mode after sunset.
You can restrict this by presence..
So, you could configure for sunset but only if someone is home


Ah I use that app but missed I could do that. Thank you. I had built a rule but would prefer to use your app

No Probs
I usually find apps (if they do what you want) are easier to use than rules.
I don't actually have rule machine installed on any of my hubs :slight_smile:


You're a dev, makes sense ! I see you have heap of apps. Ill have to look into the benefit of running multiple hubs!

All of my apps started because I wanted HE to do something for myself
I released them when I realised other people wanted the same thing :slight_smile:

After lots of extra feature requests, most of the apps are much larger and have many more features than I use but hey! if it helps :slight_smile:

If you go this route, then I would look at 'hubConnect' a brilliant app which connects devices from one hub to be able to be controlled by another hub.
I have it on all of my 5 hubs (4 production, 1 dev/test hub) and it works really well.


Ok thanks. Oke other question sorry. For mode plus restricting after sunset. I'd like it to be -25 so it's just before sunset - but doesnt look like it can take that ?

25 mins before sunset! :slight_smile:

Most (if not all) of my apps have the same restrictions pages...


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Well there is is. Silly me thanks

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So i setup a day to evening trigger in modes plus

sunset was at 5:37pm here (melbourne AU) and it's now 6:11pm and the mode hasn't triggered.

the presence sensor (which is controlled by rule engine to update to present not present based on all to keep things simple) was on at the time it should have run.

the time is correct on my hub and sunset is correct.

any idea why it wouldn't have triggered?

thank you

Yep! (maybe!) :slight_smile:

One thing that usually happens is that the app doesn't know the status of the presence sensor
If the presence sensor didn't change since configuring the app then the app doesn't know whether the sensor is present or not.

As with apps that use switches etc to restrict then it needs to be 'toggled' once before the app knows it's status
If you had turned on the logging before the event you would probably have seen the error.
It's always best when installing a new driver or app to enable the logging for a while to confirm everything works ok.


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Ok cool. Yeah the presence sensor definitely changed after it was configured and before the sunset (4 hours prior ). Will enable logging and monitor

Thank you

When you enable logging.. have the logs open in another browser window.
It should tell you the settings configured and also when it thinks it needs to trigger next. (As you save it)
Also, if you go back into the app after config/save and click the 'gear' icon in the top right-hand corner of the app, then scroll to the bottom of the new page, you should see a 'schedule' section..
I'd be interested to see what is there if you could screenshot it for me please?


there you go . thanks for your help

Ok.. that is a problem...
This is the schedule from one of mine...

It shows 'Astrocheck' (which checks every day for sunset/rise times just after midnight)
And the scheduled 'sunsethandler' which actually allows/prohibits the app at that time

I'm not sure what is happening and why yours didn't work as I'm using the same version

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