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I would delete the child app and create a new one, then check for these settings.

I am also surprised to see a schedule for 'resetMsg'
This does not exist in Modes Plus!

Ha just my luck. I moved everything over from ST today. Felt cleansing actually! But lots to fix still. Will re do the app. Thank you.

Should I see something similar on presence central?

If you put similar restrictions then yes

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I re did the mode child apps and still same result. Going to delete app completely and re do code from your hub to ensure its right.

Re tried it - updated the code to ensure it was fresh (but didn't remove cobra app)

and getting same result

could this be to do with my location not been US?

Update: I think i checked the settings too soon. it has this now on evening check rule (day to evening mode at sunset):

and for asleep to day which looks lke it's ready to go at 6am per the settings

thanks for your help!

yeah still no luck after that i thought it would be working. Didn't go to evening mode tonight :frowning:

is this gone? link broken...

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