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Probably not for a while, I’m looking at adding this feature to Message Central
It’s not a 5 minute job!

The app would need to subscribe to the speaker output (would work with sonos but maybe not all others) record the settings and restore it after speech

I’ll need to consider how best to code it.

Once this is done and tested/working with Message Central then I can look to add the code to Presence Central

Unfortunately, real life takes over sometimes and long stints of coding is not really on the cards at the moment.
I will continue to fix bugs if/when they appear but new features are not a priority at the moment.



Totally understand! That is why we ask the experts! :wink: Have a great Holiday Season! If you need anyone to test it when you get around to coding it, let me know.


When creating an action in Presence Central I am trying to configure it to only turn on the lights when my presence sensors arrive only after sunset and before sunrise. Under restrictions there is a spot for Sunrise/Sunset restrictions and it only lets you choose one of them. I have tried both the "Sunset" and "Before" Since I want it to restrict them before sunset but it did not work. I then tried "Sunrise" and "After" (restrict after sunrise?) and that didn't work either. I must not be thinking the logic through correctly because its so simple and basic I feel dumb.

Now once I get that figured out I also want to know to enter a negative offset for example I would like the lights to turn on starting around an hour before sunset. When I tried entering a minus sign it wont input just lets me enter numbers.


Setting the restriction to ‘before’ is a negative offset - setting the restriction to after is a positive offset

E.g 30 min. Before sunset = sunset -30



I have a weird issue. I use Life360 as a presence sensor, and in the app I select "Present is when anyone is present, Not present when everyone leaves". The issue is that it still triggers when only 1 person leaves and not everyone.


If you only just set it up then there is one thing to remember.
The app only knows when people are present if it they have arrived/departed at least once since the app was installed/configured.

It needs to see a change so it can know if people are present or not.
This only needs to happen the first time after installing/configuring the child because the sensors (inc L360) don't actually report unless there is a change

So, unless everyone left or came back the app doesn't know if they are present or not.



Is there any way to allow an arrival delay in seconds instead of just minutes? Our house is only three houses down off of a relatively main road. This means there are times when we drive past our street going to and from other places. Anytime this happens, it triggers the hub to mark us as present. It then marks us away again a few seconds later since we just drove past the house. Ideally I'd like a delay of 15-20 seconds. That would be enough to exclude the false triggers, but not too long. One minute would mean sitting in our driveway for a good 45 seconds waiting for the mode change to trigger.


It seems that the Group 2 trigger actions are not working as I think they're supposed to.
Whenever I set this up, every time any of us leaves, the action is triggered.

For example the following rule. If either presence sensors leave, the switch is turned on. Am I missing something? I have more than one rule setup this way, they all behave the same.


thats incorrect

its says present if anyone is home not present if EVERYONE leaves

so for your switch to turn ON in this case you both have to leave.


@BorrisTheCat I think you’ve just told Doug exactly what he tried to explain. LOL

@doug, I’ve got the same rule working fine for my wife and I.
Setup just like you posted and when 1 of us leaves I see the sensor count decrease. When we’re both gone the switch is set and HSM is triggered to AWAY Mode.


Curious, so it's just me?


he suggested that it would trigger if only one of them left?

have you used this exact child app before and changed the switching (group type) to be something different to what it was? If so delete and recreate it, I had a issue when i did that.


Ya, that's what I'm saying, it triggers when anyone leaves even if someone in the list is still home.
Man, I don't know, maybe. I'll try that.


sorry my bad i thought you expected it to do that and it wasn't, not it was doing that and you didn't want it to.

this is exactly what happened to me when i changed the group type from group 1.
Recreate the app and your be fine


Yep, I’d be suggesting recreating it and retesting also .
I’m pretty sure I had to do the same when I first set it up and it’s been working great for at least 4 months.


Thanks, I've done that now. We'll see...


remember to trigger all your devices involved a few times, so that the app knows their state


You using just your phones for each Presence ?
Assuming everyone has a phone LOL. (This was my initial issue with getting Presence to work for me because my wife refused to have a phone. I solved it by getting her a camera, which just happened to be an iPhone. LOL)

Are yours Android or iPhone ??


This has been added in version 3.4.0 (just updated)
The delays are now switchable for minutes/seconds



For some reason, I'm not seeing the arrival delay option at all anymore. Not sure what's going on.