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Yeah it is not a big deal cause it did save the settings without issue. And the "App List" button does bring me back to the HE app page. I was just wondering.

Also thanks for the latest update! I noticed that there is a restrict option for presence sensors now and I was literally about to post about this feature. I was having the issue when my wife and I would both leave in the same car and come back both garage doors would open. Now I can setup a restricting that if a certain Iris fob is present to prevent that door from opening.


That's the idea of this! :slight_smile:


I have certain things happening when I am home that I don't want to happen when she is home as well

(Like a message at 5pm saying she will be home soon and I'd better empty the dishwasher!)

So.. I set them to restrict to only when I am home but she is away :slight_smile:


Hey Andy

I deleted 100% of your code and started over, one step at a time, still getting the 500 error

Next after installing the container app, I went ahead and installed the current Parent and Child apps and guess, what, the Container app now works. I was able to build new Presence Central apps.

Can't explain it that's for sure



Sometimes it's better to start from scratch! :slight_smile:



Starting from scratch is not what solved it, it was installing the PC parent and child apps before the container app would work. I could never get the container app to install PC or any other app for that matter



I think I've realised your issue.
When you installed Cobra Apps you needed to update the parent and child code for the app you wanted to install?

If there is not a line of code referencing the cobra apps parent then it will not install into the container.

This is the line (around line 57)
parent: "Cobra:Cobra Apps", // ******** Comment this out if not using the 'Cobra Apps' container

The apps that go into the container have been specifically updated with this code to use the container.

I was struggling to duplicate your error until I installed an older version of one of the parent/child apps
Then I got the same 500 error that you did.



Thanks Andy

Sort of, I uninstalled all code, parent/child and container and started over

I guess where I got crossed up is in the process steps, it indicates the selected apps will be installed... Which implies the PC parent/child apps don't need to be installed first.

I now see at the top of the instructions in the Things To Note section, **To install & control other apps you need to install the relevant apps code.

Thanks for the support


It's not so clear at the moment.

Here is a taster of the new website being created for me by @Royski which will explain thing MUCH better than before :slight_smile:

(And a preview of some of the new apps going into the container :slight_smile: )

Roy is doing an incredible job on this website!



Just want to clarify something regarding the app. What I'd like to do is set up an automation that will set my hubs mode to Home if ANYONE is present and set it to Away if EVERYONE is gone. From your brief description at the top of this thread, it seems like that is what Group 2 does. The description in the app, however, makes me wonder if it will set the hub to Away if ANYONE leaves (even if one of us is still home). Could you clarify which is the case? Right now I have one automation set up under Group 2 that has both presence sensors set as triggers, and tells it to change the mode to home when someone arrives and away when someone leaves. Will this work how I'm intending?


@murray.sean.d, they way you've got it setup sounds correct to me, just the way I have it and I agree the wording in the app is a little misleading.
Oh and it's working like that for my wife and I. :slight_smile:



I am having a problem with this app...

Now that I read back, it seems exactly like what @murray.sean.d posted two posts before mine...

I have the following setup, and everyone is home (and presence sensors show present). If I toggle the vGuestPresence present/not present the mode changes to AWAY even though per OPTION 2 it shouldn't do that unless everyone is not present...

Am I missing something?

Here's the debug log - notice presence sensors=4...


I'm looking at this now to see if I can replicate the error

Can you confirm that you are on the latest versions of both parent and child please?



I just installed it today from the new website links. Checking versus github it looks the same - v2.5 and 3.1 (parent / child).


Easiest way to check is just to 'hit the button' :slight_smile:
#I'm just setting up my test environment with some additional vdevices to test this


Oh, duh. The button says No Update Available. :+1:


you must have the latest versions then :slight_smile:


Although it looks like there is a container app update (2.5, I'm running 2.4)...

EDIT: Now my container app is updated too. :slight_smile:


Ok.. I can help update in a few mins

This is how I'm setting this up...

Is this how you have set yours up?



Yes, that looks basically the same as my screenshot above, other than I was doing a mode change action.