[UPDATED] - Message Central - Make your home speak

Thinking about it I could probably add an action to perform one after the other from the same trigger.
I could probably use it myself

The only thing for me is the dogs repond to some of the messages and run to the window (like the wife is home) so I use the enable/disable switch to turn off messages when we are away but I still want the push messages (like for water leakes etc)

I’ll have a think! :slight_smile:

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Too funny, my dogs definitely respond to their, 'time to eat' announcements!

You're comment also made me think of another option...lol Sorry!

How about a new restriction... Restrict by Mode. That way if the house is in Away mode, no announcements? Maybe with a Priority flag. If Priority flag is checked always send push regardless of restrictions. Just a thought.

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I always restrict by presence and/or a switch

You could always use a virtual switch controlled by mode

I use a virtual presence plus driver that I brought over from ST as it acts as both a switch and presence sensor (controlled by presence central - using multiple actual presence devices)

I only have 4 modes (morning, afternoon, evening & night)
Everything else is setup on virtual switches/presence sensors
(e.g. ‘Guest Mode’ is a virtual switch)

You don’t want much do you?

Ok... it has to be said...
This is Message Central.... not ‘Bryan’s Central Messaging App’
Lol :slight_smile:

Actually restriction by mode should be easy enough to do
I’ll ‘consider your request sir’


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You should integrate the new google home relay commands!!!

I have no idea what the google home relay commands are

If you're referring to the Google Assistant Relay, it requires a Node.js server to relay text for TTS or commands to Google Assistant. Not a big deal to set one up, but still a requirement.

[Edit] My appologies Joe. Of course you know a Node.js server is required, you've already set that up. :blush:

Could this app be used to pull the images captured from the new nest integration to send messages containing said image?

I’m sorry it was never designed to do that.
It’s way out of scope :slight_smile:


No worries. I bet if I look around some more I can find something that works.

At least being able to pull the image is the first step I suppose.

I wonder if RM can do this someway. Maybe @bravenel will have an idea.

request number 1:

You can now restrict by 'Mode'

I have also sorted out the %day% %date% & %year% variables so that they can now be used in messages

Working on your request to have a voice then pushover message :slight_smile:


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Thank you!

Don't thank me until you have tested it!
It might not work :slight_smile:


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Would it be possible to add Locks to the list to trigger a message?

Thanks in advance...

Edit: I also cannot seem to get it to play an mp3. I can make the URl work in a browser and custom command. It just does not want to work from message central.
@Cobra. Is this app still being worked on?

I am getting this error trying to send SMS.

errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method intValue() on null object on line 2413 (openContactSpeak)

2413 is
runIn(mydelay, pushNow)

Did you ever find a solution for using this app with the google assistant relay driver?

Sorry guys
I’ve been tied up with something else.
I’ll try and look at these issues next week


@Cobra is there a way to subscribe to multiple device states so that I can create one child app to monitor them. Example a single child app that monitors the open/closed state of multiple windows? From what I can see, I can only have 1 trigger device per child app?

Mark, it would be possible to allow multiple devices, as in your example of multiple contact sensors
The problem would be the actual trigger
Do we trigger on open?
Do we trigger on closed?

The trigger would register for each event so if one was open and another closed... what is the trigger?
This was one of the reasons I created this as a parent child app.
So you can create upto about 500 children for different triggers if you wish.

With window/door contact sensors there is one other thing that you can do.

I often ask alexa to ‘check security’ before going to bed
This turns on a virtual switch (the trigger) which triggers a message:
“I have completed my security check, the following windows or doors are open: %opencontact%”

This will report any open doors/windows (you select which sensors to report on)

So as you can see there are some work-arounds with contact sensors


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Got ya, thanks for the quick reply.

I have tested this a couple of times today and cannot reproduce your error
The only thing I can think of is the number format
You need to put the international dialong format in
E.g for a UK number it would look like: +447771123456

Also please be aware that there is a 10 sms per day limit on hubitat
If you exceed this an error should show up in the logs