[UPDATED] - Message Central - Make your home speak

Ok.. I'm going loopy here!

I am trying to do a dozen things at once here.
I shouldn't really look at this while working but..

I just checked my code and I AM using speech synth as the input capability for Pushover.
But.. I've noticed a few other things that are not correct.

You can try MC with your driver (with speech synth) to see if it works ok for you but there may be other underlying issue I will need to sort.
Did I say that this is a beta? :slight_smile:


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Thanks for checking...I've also fell victim to CWD (Coding While Distracted). Unfortunately, I don't use the Join driver. My trial period is over and I built the driver at someone else's request. I actually liked it better than Pushover but the advantages were minor and not enough to justify buying another application.

@cwwilson08, feel free to test the Join driver with MC. I believe it will work fine. If not, post what's not working for you here or on the thread for the Join API driver.

Just for you... :slight_smile:
I have now added 'Join Messages' to the list of actions you can take

Please try it and let me know if this works ok (I don't have an account to test properly)
New Child Version: V10.1.0


You guys are amazing thank you. On rotation at the hospital this weekend trying to save some lives. I will check on this as soon as possible.

Is there anyway for me to use google credits to purchase the Join api for you guys?

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While I appreciate the offer, I would save your credits. I believe this will be a mute issue when they release the mobile app...which will be soon...hopefully.

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I appreciate the thought but I use pushover which is fine for my use
Thanks anyway


A little help please. I installed MC. both the parent and cild app. I also installed the Pushover driver. Set the API user and app keys. I can get Rule Machine to push a message to my phone, but I cannot get the message to speak the message. Is an iPhone compatible? From Rule Machine I send the message to Puhover Driver and I set the switch to speak the command.


1st thing to ask...
Did you install the parent then create the child from the parent
What speakers are you using?

When you change the switch are there any error messages in the logs?
If so could you please screenshot them for me?
Would you please screenshot the config of the child?

I’m in the UK and it’s 2.30am here so if you do the screenshots then I’ll take a look in the morning



So I got around to this today finally. It works perfect. Also was able to modify it a bit to send sms messages as well. So now two Join devices. One for push and one for SMS. I am sure there is some logic that could be used to combine it, however it is working well as it is.

Now to setup Message Central...

Thank you so much.

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Hi cobra,

First off thank you so much for taking the time to make this awesome and useful app.

So I got Message Central all up and running. Message central will send my message in response to motion, and presence sensors.

The problem comes when trying to use a switch as a trigger. No switch I place in the settings actually triggers the app to send a message. I have tried both virtual and physical switches.

Any suggestions?

Edit: A time triggered is producing this error.

That’s what I get for not testing everything after a small code change :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I’m not at home until the weekend as I’m working away.
I’ll have a look as soon as I get back


@Cobra I started using the Message Central and in the last week have notice that my message is disappearing from my device?? I notice it last week and thought it was an update and so I redid the message and got up this morning and they were all gone except one? does anyone else have a problem with disappearing message? I don''t know what is going on. Any suggestion? Thanks

I have not had this happen with MC but I did have it happen with rule machine .
A reboot of the hub seemed to bring everything back


Thanks @Cobra I did as you suggest with the reboot and it seems ok. Thanks

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@Cobra I other thing I was going to tell you was that the program is reading the colon in between the times?

Example: when it talks it says Name it is 10 colon thirty it is time etc? Should it be speaking the colon or just that it's ten thirty? Thanks.

It shouldn't read the colon..
I'll have a look at this
What was the trigger you were using when this happened?

I’ve uploaded a new version of the child app which should sort out you problem
Smatthings (where I originally created this app) ignores the colon, obviously Hubitat does not
Hopefully the colon should be replaced with a space now
Please let me know how you get on


@Cobra The tigger was time or at a certain say 10:00 and it would read all of it including the colon. Thanks for the update I will use and let you know. Thanks

@Cobra, great app here. I've been moving away from webcore and looking for a way to get random announcements again. This fits the bill nicely! Was wondering though if it could speak the message AND send the Pushover with one trigger. Right now I have to setup this app to speak randomly and make a rule in RM to send the pushover based on the same trigger (time, someone comes home...etc.). Would be great to have it all in one.

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You would have to create two child apps in this instance.
One to speak and one to send pushover message
But, you could use the same trigger

It would take a bit of a rewrite to perform two actions on a single trigger..
If I can find some time over the next week or so I’ll try and have a look