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Interesting.... Are there any differences ? For instance BT2 does not support tamper events does yours ?


It doesn’t, however; if there is enough call for it then it can be added.
Message Central has a big release coming up soon so once that is done and everything is settled down I’ll look at the feature list again.
I’m currently updating 19 apps so don’t have a lot of time to do anything.



fair enough


I haven't read this whole thread, but just installed Message Central as I have notifications in RM and HSM. First one I tested using pushover, I want to have a message that shows:

"Dog Door is open - 11/29/2018 7:32 pm"

What I get is all lowercase and the date is spelled out:
"dog door is open - the 29th of november 7 30 pm"

Any chance of having different date/time formats, and having it follow the case that I entered in the app?

I'd also be interested in having a "contact closed too long" option, as well as a periodic reminder when a contact is left open or closed. Not sure if those are on your radar but consider them requested :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, converting everything to lowercase is currently essential to be able to match any case of the variables.
This may change but will inevitably cause problems when people don’t use the correct case for the variable.

Converting the date format to English is so that it speaks it properly when using voice.
I don’t want my dates read out as 29 11 2018
I'll look at making this optional but it may take a while as I'm busy with other things right now

Can you give me a use case for ‘closed too long’
I can’t think when that would be used



Ok no worries, I realize this is intended primarily for speech devices rather than text notifications.

The closed too long thing is for a dog door, it's normally open but sometimes we close it and forget it's closed.

Don't worry about my requests, they are probably edge cases anyway, and I already have everything running the way I want in RM. Was really just looking for a way to split off and group the notification stuff together.


2 questions:

  1. Can I get a message to be repeat every 15 min? example: I leave the garage door open when I get home, can I repeat the message every 15 min until I close it.
  2. Can I get a message on a temperature comparison: If outside temp> inside temp and front door is open, send a message?


There is currently no 'repeat' feature in MC.
However; I like the idea and can work on that for a future release.

Not at this time


I am trying to delay my garage door message by 15 min when I get home.

but it plays immediately

app:12332018-12-06 04:30:04.072 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Enable switch is NOT used. Switch is: null - Continue..

app:12332018-12-06 04:30:04.070 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Initialising defaults...

app:12332018-12-06 04:30:01.803 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - trigger is Contact

app:12332018-12-06 04:30:01.793 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Enabled by parent - Disable app = false

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:29.250 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Timer 1 reset - state.timer1 = true - Messages allowed

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:29.128 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Waiting for 0 seconds before resetting timer1 to allow further messages

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:29.124 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - state.msgDelay = 0

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:28.848 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Compiled Message = the garage door is open

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:28.846 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - 2nd Stage Compile (Post weather processing) = the garage door is open

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:28.845 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - Running convertWeatherMessage... Converting weather message to English (If weather requested)...

app:12332018-12-06 04:29:28.843 pm debugGARAGE_DOOR_IS_OPEN (App Version: 13.5.0) - 1st Stage Compile (Pre weather processing) = the garage door is open

Wrong setup? Also if I close the door after the delay, will that cancel the TTS?


I've just had a quick look at the code.
The code for the delay after trigger but before message is missing on speech synth
It's there on the musicplayer but I must have missed it off on the speechsynth (which was added at a later date - the original being musicplayer)

It's almost midnight here so I'll have a look at adding it tomorrow for you.

Do you mean close it before the 15 mins is up?



the sonos also works as a musicplayer and give you more options if you select it as that
(Like volume settings for the TTS and individual volumes for multiple speakers)


Yeah, If I close the garage, I'd like to cancel the message.


Just sent you a PM


As I have given the option to have a message on open or close then closing the door would only send a second message (unless close message is blank)
It will not cancel the 1st message

If I can think of a way to code it then I'll add it to the feature list... maybe a 'cancel on close' switch option.
I'll think about that one for a while




Any chance of adding Sunset/Sunrise rather than just a hard time? I am interested in MC telling me the garage door is open at Sunset, among other uses :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


This is a bit vague for a feature request :slight_smile:

You can already restrict by sunset/sunrise with offset.

I’m guessing you mean the ‘time if contact open’ trigger??
You want me to create a sunset/sunrise trigger but only if the contact is open??

Is this what you are looking for?



Sorry Andy for not providing more info

I would like to setup MC to tell me when the garage door is open at Sunset. When using "Time if Contact Open", I seem to be able to only select a hard time, not Sunset. I also tried Time but again, no Sunset option



Now I’ve got you!

I have been thinking that MC is getting HUGE now..
I’m concerned that if it gets too big, then it will start slowing the hub down..
So.. I may only respond to bug fixes for while..

I may well split this into ‘modules’ when I get some serious time so people can load whatever module they are using



@Cobra message central threw an error today on an contact open too long child:

app:53732018-12-12 03:49:03.049 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method intValue() on null object on line 3055 (openContactSpeak)

This was the only error in log


Thanks for the report Mark,
The error log tells me where to look
I’ll have a look in the morning.
(It’s almost 1.00 am here now)