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MC is currently going through a code clean up and ‘mode change’ is one of the things I’m already looking at.

The next release will have this issue fixed when it gets released (which might be a while)



This He/MC Noob, me, is totally confused about using Pushover messages in HE/MC , and perhaps Pushover messages in general.

I've used push messages in ST, AFAIK it sends something to the ST phone app, that issues a notification sound, and displays the message on the phone.

Can someone please explain how Pushovers work with HE /MC, and what is the result of sending a Pushover to a device, and what type of device should be the target of a pushover message.

In MC I setup a test Pushover to a Lannouncer device. It failed with an error:

dev:1312018-11-10 13:04:05.242:errorjava.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 8: /&SPEAK=[N]BING%20BANG%20WALLA%20WALLA%20BING%20BANG&@DONE@ on line 226 (speak)

(For the record I don't have my phone presence device in HE (as yet, assuming it is possible) Phone presence was/is useless for me in ST, just nave not bothered to set it up. However, the lannouncer target device for my pushover test is an older Android phone)


So a few things here.

AFAIK pushover messages will only send to android or ios device.

You must have the pushover app on these devices - there is a free trial but ultimatley costs about 5 dollars per platform.

You then must create a pushover device in HE. Use the api key from the pushover website to setup the the virtual device in HE to send messages to your ios or android devices.


The pushover driver uses the ‘speak’ command and has the speechsyth capability which is why you were able to select your ‘lannouncer’ device.
Once you have your pushover account and install a virtual device with the correct driver you can assign that device in MC.

HE uses ‘Life360’ for mobile presence which may work better for you than the presence in ST
(Can also use ST presence Sensors)



After the new firmware im getting this error when creating a new message:


I was aware of this issue and it has been fixed ready for the next release.



So if I am using Sonos to play music over a Sonos speaker it seems a notification triggered by Message Central will cause the music to stop and NOT resume.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


What is the trigger and what is the message type?




I was not really ready to release this yet, but as there is an issue with the new UI I don't have much choice.
You need to update both the parent and child code.

New Parent and new Child code.
Parent: V2.3.0
Child: V13.2.3

I have (hopefully) fixed the install issue with the new UI and added a couple of new features:

Child updates:

  • V13.2.3 - Debug - Fixed bug where %time% variable would not work with 24Hr switched on. Also fixed issue with new UI
  • V13.2.2 - Changed contact input to multiple so ANY selected contact will trigger open/close message
  • V13.2.1 - Debug - Update pushover message had same speaker name as others - changed now.
  • V13.2.0 - Changed the way message is converted to English - Now converted to lowercase before processing.
  • V13.1.1 - Debug 'poll' before weather summary
  • V13.1.0 - Reworked all the restrictions to cleanup the code and reduce duplication of methods
  • V13.0.1 - Debug and added pre-configured defaults settings
  • V13.0.0 - Added configurable actions on 'restriction' switch
  • V12.9.0 - Added multiple speaker slots for 'quiet time'
  • V12.8.0 - Added multiple speaker volume slots for 'normal time'

This version also has the PushOver messaging moved to the parent app and should only be configured there.

Please bear in mind this is not fully tested as I wanted to test it before release but need to release now.

One thing to note:
If you have child apps already configured then you MUST open each childapp, check the configuretion then save again.
If you don't do this the childapp will not work correctly.



Just updated to the latest code. Getting an error using Voice Message (Speechsynth) - Google Home Assistant Relay

Only when I use %group1%, If I only put 'Test' it works fine. Add in the %group1% and error. Am I not doing this right?

2018-11-20 09:16:00.074 am [error]( null on line 3651 (timeTalkNow)


Does your %group1% contain %device%
If so then you need to remove it from group1 if you are not using a device (because you are triggering on time not a device.

EDIT: I just checked the defaults, Group1 , Group2 and Group4 all contain devices
For testing.. try group3



You can, of course, create your own random phrases within any group
(And leave out the %device% if you are not using a device to trigger)



Yup, was just using the defaults to test with. Group 3 worked great!

I do a ton of reminder type announcements. It's about time I make them random.



actually, it's the only bit of code I didn't write myself :slight_smile:
I might change the defaults in the next version, in case this happens again


Me too.
SWMBO is always saying the house is never quiet!



Does this version have the child independent group custom messages?





Is this a scaled down version of bigtalker ?


It was originally designed to be.. then it grew to do pretty much the same..
And at 5000 lines of code it’s probably a similar size :slight_smile: