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This is what I use for my daily weather report:

%greeting% ,, Here is your weather for today,,, %wnow%,, With a high of around %high% degrees ,, and a low of around %low% degrees. , Temperature is currently, %temp% degrees. , Humidity is currently, %hum% % . Wind, is from the %wdir% at %wspeed% mph, with gusts up to %wgust%. , and,, %rain%

I have not created the weather summary for the weewx driver (which is the one I'm using)



I am using your original weather device.


Which version?




Latest is v2.8.0
In this version you also have the correct icon attribute for sharptools.io etc. dashboards

I just checked the code, it does have the space in the summary so should work better



Thanks.. I'll give that a go.


I'm using this version but it gives a error when using %wsum%:


I just checked the code and it seems ok..
Did you input a weather device?

The error message is telling me that there is no input



Like this right?


Yep, like that.
I have no idea why ot is not receiving the data.
Are you using the latest version of Message Central?


Yep updated just now so i could use the container


I’ll have a look on monday to see if there is a problem with the code.
If you go into the device page does it show the latest summary?


Yep it shows the whole summary


I have a couple of rules for my fishtanks to alert me when the power drops and the pumps are running. I was thinking of combining them into Message Central. So, if the power came on, one thing would happen and if the power drops, another would. I get I could do with with two messages. I was just thinking optimally.


You could probably do it with the ‘Power’ trigger.. that one gives you the option to trigger on above or below a certain power level.

Edit: But you are correct.. it would take two rules



Is it possible to add conditions to the trigger? The weather notification seems to work now.



What do you mean?
Can you give me an example?



Well i want to play a message when a switch changes to off and there is motion.


Can you give me a use case?


Well when i wake up, i turn off a switch named "sleep state" with a button and then after i get up, motion will be detected and i want a weather report or maybe other things. Could also use the mode change and motion but i only want a message when there is motion because i might lay in bed longer :wink: