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Ok, so what you are looking for is a trigger by motion (which you already have) and a restriction by switch (which you also already have)
But... you need the restriction to be when the switch is on.. not off as it currently works.

This may be a coincidence but someone just asked me for the same ‘switchable’ restriction for Modes Plus

I’ll have a look at this request next week



Thanks! I might be able to use webcore otherwise, going to test it now.



Ok so there is an issue with the weather alerts. I am using your WU weather driver and have MC setting for weather alerts. All MC ever does for an alert is announce there is a weather alert but doesn’t give any more information. How can I collect more info for you?


According to your screenshots..
There are no weather alerts
The logs show the same.

However... it should not say anything unless that changes.
Obviously I have the code to add the prefix message in the wrong place.



What should I enable to get more logging for you? We are having severe weather currently so great time for troubleshooting.


Is the WU driver showing any of the weather alerts?
If not then the issue is with that (or weather underground) rather than MC

If they are not showing in the driver can you please turn on the logging there?



I didn’t have logging enabled which I do now.


I'm using the latest version of message central and your weather device type but getting this error. It couldn't find %WSUM%


The error you posted looks like it relates to a dashboard, not MC

I'm working on MC today so will have a look anyway



Ops attached the wrong picture.

Here is the correct one.



I think I might have found one issue
If you edit the driver code and change:

On line 59.

command "Poll"

Change it to a lowercase 'P':
command "poll"

And change on line 162:

def Poll()

Change it to a lowercase 'P' as well

def poll()

That might sort your issue (and will be in the next release)
Please let me know how you get on.



New version of the driver 2.8.1 uploaded to GitHub with these changes



Another feature request:

Lock/Unlock based on code. Can you add so I can keep my voice notifications in MC?


  • Wife and Daughter come home. Presence is detected using PCentral (Homebridge and L360 combo)
  • Daughter unlocks garage door with her code
  • Home announces %group1% with daughter's name as she unlocked the door not my wife



This really depends on what the lock driver presents as attribute.

If it sends an event saying something like “unlock by %code%’ then if I wrote a new trigger it could be made to work, but it really depends what the driver sends as an attribute.




Understood! This is what the new lock code sends back in the event since 1.1.6. RM now has the ability to see this too.


Can you screenshot the driver attributes?



Generic Z-Wave Lock Driver

There is also a Virtual Z-Wave Lock Driver you can fool around with.


Ok, but all I see is a list of codes.. not which one unlocked the device


If a specific code unlock the device does it just send one?