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To quote myself...

That’s what I was thinking


Would be nice to add pauses too.


There is a typo in the child app. Should be 31 instead.


You are right!
Thank’s for spotting this.

I’ll correct it in the next release.
(At least I’ve got until 31st to fix it :slight_smile:)



I have to ask... did you read all 3248 lines to find it :slight_smile:


Just browsing around :slight_smile:


The only ‘pause’ that works with ‘Polly’ TTS is a comma (,)
You can use multiple commas but I’m not sure that really extends the pause too much.

I suppose I might be able to configure a ‘wait’ but that would stop the app running for the configured number of seconds and I’m always reluctant to do that for fear of something going wrong.
I’ll have a look to see what I can do if I implement this.



Interestingly (or not)

It's line 3620 on my version :slight_smile:
400 lines of extra code.. (or lot of white space :slight_smile:)

Fixed, ready for the next release.. Thanks for finding that



Already done!
(And tested with Pushover - can't make the house speak at this time of night)

Ready for the next release..

No 'pause' yet though.. I'll have to think about that one (not sure if I will do it to be honest)



New version uploaded
Parent: 2.2.0
Child: 12.7.1

Parent Updates:
Added to 'Cobra Apps' Container

Child Updates:

  • V12.7.1 - Edited variables help page to show new variables available
  • V12.7.0 - Added app pause switch
  • V12.6.0 - Added a bunch of new variables so you can report on light & switch state
  • V12.5.1 - Change the way %rain% is spoken - If 0% then: 'Rain is not expected today" - If n% then 'There is a n% chance of rain today
  • V12.5.0 - Added an optional, configurable 'prefix' input for weather alerts - "Message to play before weather alert (optional)"



I just noticed something this morning during the weather forecast. The wind direction announcement is ENE instead of East North East. I remember seeing the code to replace ENE with East North East in your app so maybe it's not working?


Thanks for the report, I'll have a look.



@DeveloperDavidB @aaron

A teaser of something I'm working on...


a second picture...




Oh WOW!! Thank you!! I was keeping my fingers crossed! I had a feeling that once mentioned, you would start working it through in your head and wan't to give it a try! Thanks again!


Don’t thank me until I make it work..
The big problem is duplicating everything for the ‘quiet time’ volume settings



Would it be possible to add to the power option? With switches there is an option to speak a message when a switch is on and off. Could you set something up where a message could be spoken if the power drops and rises above a threshold?


Where would you use this?



I looked at this issue this morning.
You need to make sure a space is before the %windDir% variable.
This is because if I remove the configured spaces in the 'match' then it will pick up on other words and try to replace part of them
e.g and word ending in 'ene' would have the 'ene' replaced with east northeast
so I needed to separate it with spaces
If there is a space before then it will speak correctly (at least it did when I tried it :slight_smile:)



This is the string I am playing with.

Good Morning, today is %day% %date%. The current time is %time%. Here is the weather for today. %wsum%. Have a wonderful day.


which weather device driver are you using?