[UPDATED] - Message Central - Make your home speak



I use a ‘fake’ device for a lot of my testing.
You can specify the attribute (e.g. alert) and the value then press a button to send the ‘event’

This is what I was testing on as we don’t often get alerts in the UK.

I’ll put it on GitHub for you tomorrow (a bit late right now)



as promised (although a little late)
Here is my 'fake device' driver I use for testing 'Alerts' etc

Just put the attribute you want to send (in this case a lowercase 'alert' (without speechmarks)
And put the value - then hit the button.. simples..



Works like a charm!! Cheers Andy :+1:


Hi Andy,
This Message Central app is fantastic! I wish I tried it out sooner. Almost 4k lines of code just in the child app! The only suggested feature I can think of to add, and it would be fantastic if you could add it, is to allow different volumes on different Sonos speakers.
Use case:
I want to hear the same TTS announcement on my Kitchen, master bedroom, and office sonos speakers, but want 60% volume in the Kitchen, 30% in the master bedroom, and only around 15% in the office. Do you think this would be possible?


+1 on volume control per device.


@cobra Hmmm...I can't get this working.



When you fill in the details for the driver (attribute and value) then click the button, do you see the attribute and value on the right-hand side (like in my screenshot) under ‘Current States?



I do! Just nothing is announced.


You do need to fill in the attribute/value every time


Did you configure any restrictions?
Does anything show under the logs (obviously logging needs to be turned on)



No I figured it out. Alert not alerts


All lowercase


With the alert, would it be useful to add a message before that you could configure?
I was thinking about this earlier today.

I start a lot of my messages with “Information ,,,”
(I’m old and remember ‘Blake’s Seven’)



I start a lot of my messages with "Attention," or "Warning," and others with "Reminder,"


Me too actually,
I have a few which might happen at night like if one of the cars goes off the drive and we’re in bed
That one screams “Attention’” a few times before saying that the car left.
I have others that say ‘warning’ a couple of times before saying there is a leak.

Hmmm.. I might look at that after the week-end



Andy, did you by any chance see my post above? I forgot to tag you in it. About individual Sonos Volume.

Looks like I can quote myself, so no need to look up!


I was trying to ignore it :slight_smile:


This brings lots of complications for the app.
The methods to set ‘quiet time’ volume would need to be rewritten.
The actual inputs will need to be duplicated.
The volume settings will need to be duplicated.

This is just off the top of my head without looking at the code...



The ‘speaking’ commands would need to be duplicated a number of times (one for each speaker)



It would be better to just add a prefix option to a message so users could define that themselves.

Example: "Severe Weather Alert [2 second pause]" %alert%