Updated Hubitat Today - Group and Scene Data is now all messed up

Today my wife asked me to adjust the schedule of our fountain in the courtyard… so I hop into Hubitat to make some changes and notice I can’t hit the devices page on the iPhone App anymore and tells me it needs version 2.2.7… and I was on…

Ok, update available, ok no problem, while I adjust the fountain timer I’ll update the Hubitat.

After updating to many of the scenes that have been working throughout the entire pandemic are now not working.

• I have an Inovelli red dimmer switch in my sons room, set up with multi tap to set a scene with the Philips Wiz lights in his ceiling fan and even his bathroom… now none work except for OFF

• I have a Pico remote on my wife’s nightstand so she can set a couple scenes in the AM, day, night, and then there’s an OFF, only one that works, OFF


  1. Are my scenes all gone, do I need to reprogram all of them that are no longer working ?
  2. Why would this happen upon an update?
  3. The WAF is paper thin, seems anytime there’s an update there are some issues. Erodes the WAF each time, to the point I just want to go back to this morning and not apply any updates.

In an attempt to fix this I applied an update the the ABC child App since it also said an update was available, and I also tried to restore from a database backup, no changes in functionality, same issues now, however I noticed when I restored a backup I was still on

Any help is extremely appreciated!

Looking through the logs it appears it has something to do with the WiZ Lights/Driver and all the color settings that were used in the scenes.

Anyone else have a similar issue upon updating and have any solutions?

I’m still hopeful I did not lose the settings in the scenes however I did downgrade to version and restored a backup from last night and I still have the issue.

I would try two things. Go into each scene, and "Done" all of them. While you are in there, be sure that optimization is NOT on for these scenes.

It also looks like the Wiz driver is broken. There was a hub firmware update that changed the way color works, so it is likely the Wiz driver itself needs to be fixed OR you need to update to the latest version. I am not that familiar with that device or driver, so I would check the Wiz driver thread to see if there is an update.


This isn't going to change anything. Not a useful or necessary step.

This appears to be the issue. It is ColorTemperature commands that changed.

I rolled back to my previous version and restored a prior database, updated the WIZ driver, the scenes work, sort of, some of the colors are off, not the same as they used to be. But overall working.

I then figured it was safe now to update to the latest Hubitat 2.2.8 version, however after updating none of the scenes that use the WIZ color temps work, so it seems there’s an issue with the driver in conjunction with Hubitat version 2.2.8.

I rolled back again, old version, old database and just updated the drivers.

The driver needs to support this:

def setColorTemperature(value, level = null, tt = null)

Where value is the color temperature, level is an optional level for the bulb, as in setLevel(level), and tt is an optional fade time for the level, as in setLevel(level, tt).

This method will work in pre-2.2.8 use as those only use setColorTemperature(value), which is one way to call this method.

Nothing about changes made in 2.2.8 would affect colors. All this change did was to combine what used to require two commands. Before, there would have to be both a setColorTemperature() command and a separate setLevel() command. The problem with that was that some bulbs could not handle two back to back commands properly. Only by combining them into a single command could the driver make the bulb behave as expected.