[Updated] - Cobra Apps Container




I have removed all of the Cobra apps and updated all of the app code of the apps I use. I then created a new app "Cobra Apps".

Here are my options:


Do you have it selected in the drop down list ‘select apps to include’?


I'm not sure how to answer your question. I haven't selected any options at this point. I only have the dropdown. I never see this screen:



have a look at this screen shot...

The first thing you should be able to do is 'select' which app to be able to install from the 'Select apps to Include' drop down list. (in the top red oval)

If you look at the screenshot you can see that I have already installed Message Central (in the bottom red oval)

Because I have already installed MC, it does not appear in the list at the bottom for me to install it.
BUT.. You will notice that it IS in the 'Select Apps To Include' list

If you look in your normal HE apps list under Cobra Apps, what do you have there?



We were typing at the same time :slight_smile:

Is anyone else having problems seeing the first screen?

BTW which browser are you using?
I'm wondering if that has something to do with it


I've just realised this looks like the first version I made
Did you copy the code from the 'Previous' folder on my github...

I may have put the wrong link in


It's almost like there is a chunk of code missing (which is why I asked you to confirm that you weren't using the 'previous' code)


I'm using Chrome on my PC and Safari on my ipad.. both see the drop down list ok


I'm using Firefox. I checked and I am not pulling from your previous folder.


I have not tried this on Firefox..
do you have another browser to try?

I really don't understand why you can't see the list


Here's a screen shot of the prod code I see on GitHub:


I just tried Internet Explorer and I can see it with that too


Have a look around line 207.. you should see this:

def chooseApps(){
    section (){
        input "includedApps", "enum", title: "Select Apps To Include", required: false, multiple: true, submitOnChange: true, options: checkInput()
    state.appList = includedApps 


BTW... release date should be 25/10/2018 if you have the correct version


You might have the wrong code up on GitHub:


My bad... sorry about this..
I don't know how that happened
I told you it looked like an early version.

So... you are obviously the 1st person to install it! :slight_smile:

Uploaded a new version to github.. (same version number because I don't change them until released)

Try that!



ROFLMAO. No worries. As always, I'm happy to help!!!


That’s better!


Does your check for update, check for all of the child apps as well?


Now that this all works, is it possible to list the child apps below the parents within the container?