[UPDATED] Check Open Windows & Doors



I know I said I was freezing work on this for a short while but, as I was adding this to some of my other apps I thought I would include it here. :slight_smile:

New Parent Version: 1.0.1
New Child Version: 1.5.1

Revised auto update checking and added a manual update check button.

All my apps 'phone home' once a week (Friday 9.00am) to check if there are any updates available and let you know if there are.

I have revised the way that this happens and also added a 'Check For Update' button in the app so you can manually check anytime.

Unfortunately, the way the code is done, it now means after updating to these versions you will need to open each app (including the parent) and click 'Done' to reset the update button.

This is what it looks like before hitting done:


And after hitting done and reopening, it should look like this...


As always, please let me know if there are any issues.



Nice update! I don't suppose there could be an option to omit the "Message to speak if there are NO open devices"? I find having it announce that all contacts are closed kind of unnecessary in some situations.


That’s easy...
Just put a space in the message to speak if no windows or doors are open.
In theory, that should just ‘speak’ silence (this won’t stop a pushover message though)
I can recode it slightly so that if there is no message there it will not speak at all

Added to feature request list (that’s an easy one to do)



The ability to omit it completely would be a plus since I'm using pushover notifications for some of my alerts. Using a "space" does appear to work for the google assistant replay notifications (I thought it might still make the broadcast announcement sound, but it doesn't).

Thanks again!


@halfrican.ak @jbeard @DeveloperDavidB

Guys, hit your 'check for update' buttons :slight_smile:



Nice! Thank you for your quick work on this!


Dave, don't thank me until you have tested it! :slight_smile:
I didn't do much more than a couple of tests due to time constraints

Please let me know if you have any issues



If you picked it up real quick then the version number in the code might be wrong.
I've uploaded a revised version (same number) in the last minute or so

Look at the bottom of your code and check the version number (should be 1.6.0 not 1.5.0)
The file is the same I was just testing the update code and forgot to change it back before the initial upload.



With this version (1.6.0) if you don't put a message in "Message to speak if there are NO open devices"
and leave it totally blank, then it won't speak or send any message for no open contacts
(Useful if you are using PushOver)

Forgot to put that in the update info :slight_smile:



Nope, you were quicker than me! Showing 1.6.0!

Thanks again!


Well, it seems I found some time to look at this last night... :slight_smile:

Hit the update button guys!

(I like saying that :slight_smile:)


Tested a little bit... but I'm sure you guys will test it properly..

I think I'm about done with this!



Thanks @Cobra, I won't get a chance to try it until I am back at home, but having the button will allow me to delete a virtual switch connected to a button. Thanks for your work on this.


Ok, I'm on a bit of a roll today :slight_smile:

Child Version: *2.0.0

After conversations with Bryan @bptworld, I decided it might be useful to be able to trigger on a thermostat
e.g when the stat says it's heating or cooling.. let you know that there are some windows open.

Four new triggers:
Nest Heating
Nest Cooling
Standard Thermostat Heating
Standard Thermostat Cooling

Hit the update button and you get this:

Many thanks to Bryan @bptworld for beta testing this for me


Thermostat Rule

Ok.. Unless there are any bugs to fix I think I'm really done with this now.

And a nice round version number to finish on :slight_smile:



Dammit, now you gave me a reason to get Nest on HE, wish they'd hurry up and sort their stuff out, so I can integrate again.

Many , many thanks for this Andy. I find new uses for it almost daily :slight_smile:


@bptworld Bryan has it integrated..


I did have, but then was asked to remove (back when it was suspected to cause the slowness). Now I want it back and Nest are refusing further authorizations whilst they upgrade their side :frowning:




Just messing around with this cool app, hoping to replace a bunch of rules. Is it possible to use my pushover instead of a speaker (as I don't currently have any)?


It was designed that way when I added speech synth :slight_smile:
Just select the 'speech synth' option as the output and select your PushOver device