[UPDATED] Check Open Windows & Doors



What version of the child do you have?

Did you update the child as well as installing the parent?

It looks like I did change the internal name, so you shouldn't get that



Child app should be version 1.5.0


V1.5.0 - Converted to Parent/Child app


Do you still have the old version 1.4.0 installed on your hub?
This might cause a problem.
I'm not seeing any issue with the versions.
The message you get should be only on the old stand-alone version


have a look at the bottom of the child app...
where it says:

def setVersion(){
state.version = "1.5.0"
state.InternalName = "CheckContactsChild"

edit the code and take out the 's' form the internalname

so it becomes:
state.InternalName = "CheckContactChild"

then save the code and reopen the child app and save it again...
Then what does it say when you reopen it again?


I think it may be triggering on the first part of the name because it's the same as the old name.
But... it was working for me ok!



Thanks for this great app! If it wouldn't take to much time, do you think you could add mode change as a trigger while you are in there?

Use case. I have the app check the doors and windows when I change mode to Sleep time. Currently I have it working using a virtual switch, but it would be cleaner if I could just set the trigger in the app to when the mode changes to that mode.


Yeah. Got it now
I had to do the “done” thing on each before it updated :+1:



Ok... did you change the code?


Yeah. Prior it was “CheckContacts”


This is great!!! Would it be possible to also trigger it via a button? I have a several picos and it would be great to use button 3 (the round one) to trigger it.


You can easily achieve this by creating a virtual switch "vMode - Sleep" and using RM to have it mirror the actual mode Sleep. Then set the app to watch the virtual switch.


Yup. That's what I was referring to when I said in my post that I was using a virtual switch. I just think it would be nice if Mode change was added as a trigger because then the app would be able to handle the whole thing instead of the app, a virtual switch, and a rule.


Agreed, but Andy stated he didn't want this app to "turn into bloatware" so he has "frozen" feature adds at this time. I was simply giving an example of what I did to duplicate what you were requesting pretty easily.


I didn't see Andys post about freezing the feature list until after I made my comment. I totally understand if he doesn't want to add features. After all, this is just a hobby for most of us. I appreciate your attempt to help. Have a great weekend!


Worked great Andy but I did get an oddly formatted message via the PushOver Notification - "The following doors or windows are open: ,,, Front Door." I adjusted the joins to remove the multiple commas on my child app. I'm guessing the ,,, has meaning on the systems you were targeting :slight_smile: Either way the core functionality is GREAT and fits just what I wanted.


I’m sorry guys but I want to freeze this for a short while, as I’m working on other things right now.

This was originally released just because I thought one or two people might find it useful as it is
I didn’t really intend to do much with it and never expected it to be used by so many people.

I’m happy to add additional features as and when I get the time to look at it, but I’m going to fall back on the Hubitat ethos... It will be done when it’s done :slight_smile:

So far I have been requested to add:


Mode & time are easy enough.
I haven't done much with buttons, they are a little more difficult because as soon as I add that, someone will ask for ‘double tap’ etc so this one will probably be left until last. (At least until I work out the code to do it.)

Are there any more feature requests that I missed?

The odd format is because this was, obviously, originally designed to ‘speak’ the message
The commas are used by most TTS engines (including Amazon Polly - used by ST and Hubitat) to add a slight pause - hence being used in the ‘join’ statement and elswhere.
I’ll leave them in but don’t forget to remove them again if I release an update :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your support guys



Finally had a chance to download and play around with the new version. Google Home Assistant is now working great. Thanks!


Thank you very much for your donation, greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



No, no, thank you. Your skills are very much appreciated. :+1: