[UPDATED] Check Open Windows & Doors



Once I complete the speech synth re-code you will be able to use that with the Pushover driver



@halfrican.ak @jbeard @bptworld

OK guys,
Version: 1.2.0 uploaded to github

I have re-coded to include speech synth but as I don't have a compatible device (apart from the PushOver driver) then I can't really test.
So ... Please... test away :slight_smile:

(PushOver driver works to send messages just fine)



I don't want to spend too much time with this app, but there is one other thing that I would like to add.

I use a different app which uses a 'rain sensor' (which is actually a converted water sensor) as a trigger to announce open windows as some of my windows, if open, let in the rain when it's windy
Rather than use two apps I am going to include 'water sensor - wet' as a trigger

This is all, of course, once you guys have tested it for me in its current state :slight_smile:
There is not much point in adding features if the basics don't work




Roy, Thank you very much for your donation, it is greatly appreciated.



this has now been updated to Version 1.4.0

See first post for details

Again, I would like to thank @Royski for help with debugging and testing



Fantastic Andy! Thank you very much for this. This takes care of the Goodnight and Goodbye routines, and also replaces 2 leak rules I had! Love the quiet time options, or should I say, my other half will!! :smiley:

Cheers again


If it works! :slight_smile:


Only one way to check...... Update in 5 haha.


One thing to note for people reading this thread..

'Quiet Time' will NOT work with speech synthesis as the app cannot control the volume for this device
(which is why you can't see the option unless you select Music Player)


All working here for me :+1:


I'll give it a once over this weekend and get back with you. Thanks for the speedy response!


One final thought guys...
Are you installing more than one instance of this?
Is it worth grouping it into a parent/child app?

That, at least, is a quick bit of code

Let me know your thoughts



I know I will be Andy, I can think of 4 I'll be using (at least). But also don't mind them being on their own at all. I just name things so they're orderly. :wink:


I think a parent/child version would be a plus, but it's fine as is. Thanks again Andy!

Another possible feature might be the ability to use a time or mode change as a trigger?

If mode changes to away, announce windows or doors that are open.

It it's 11:00pm announce windows or doors that are open.

Edit: I realized I can achieve this with some virtual switches and RM so no need to add this feature, but it might be a plus for novice users anyway.


Ok, I don't want this to become 'bloatware' and I really didn't think I would spend so much time on it, so I think the feature list is closed now :slight_smile:

@halfrican.ak Mark, as you say, additional triggers can be created with virtual switches and RM or some other app to turn them on/off

I think I'll go ahead and create the parent app as I would like to group a few of mine also.

I'll have a look in the morning... work day is done :slight_smile:

EDIT: ok... I couldn't wait until the morning..was bugging me :slight_smile:



Sounds good Andy


OK guys
New parent/child app created.

You will need to delete existing apps if you want to convert to the new parent/child

Copy both apps to your hub and save, then 'load' the parent and hit 'done' then you can reopen the parent and create up to 500 children!

Please let me know if you have any problems



Awesome again Andy :+1:

I do see this in the app though.

**** This app is no longer supported by Cobra ****

Update Information: This app is no longer supported - Please upgrade to the new parent/child app

When I enter any Child.


Don’t worry about that, I forgot to change the internal name.
I’ll get that fixed later.
If everything else works don’t worry about it.



More an FYI. But love the fact that it checks!! :wink: