[UPDATED] Check Open Windows & Doors




Testing this I discovered a device that wasn't reporting (Mesh issue :roll_eyes:)... This app is going to come in very handy!

Thanks Andy!


You are welcome!


Excellent looking app so far. One suggestion, can you make the trigger accept multiple inputs? because i want it to notify for both heating and cooling. would be good to wrap it up in one instead of two child apps.


Nope! Sorry, I can't do that
They are two totally different triggers and what happens if something goes wrong and they both report at the same time?
It wouldn't work unless I completely rewrite the handler method (which is why I did it that way :slight_smile: )



enjoy some beers :slight_smile:


@Christopher @cuboy29

Thanks to both of you for your donations guys!
It's very much appreciated :slight_smile:



this has now been added to 'Cobra apps'



Hi @Cobra,
I'm already using this App to check if all windows/blinds are closed through Alexa, I'd like to move here too some RM rules that I have to send an alert in case something is open and thermostat is heating.
But I have two questions:

  • "message delay" means "alert only if it's open from more than 1 minute" or it's more like "just speech 1 minute after the event in any case, even if it has been closed before 1 minute"?
  • is it possible to have heating setpoint > X degrees as trigger? Actually it's triggered when thermostat is heating, but I'd like to alert also if thermostat is not heating because it has already reached the setpoint (and it could restart heating if door/windows stays open for too much time)


Can you tell me if I have this setup correctly? I have it set to run on mode change 'night'. When I arm my house at night it changes to 'armed night'. I don't use 'night' for anything besides arming at bedtime. But this should be the same thing right? If so, it failed for me last night. Left my garage door open on accident and it didn't trigger. Tested tonight by arming and leaving a door open and still not getting any feedback. It's set as a speech synth device with an echo dot


@Cobra I just switched to using the cobra container app and updated to version 2.50 of “check windows and doors are open”

I noticed that an additional comma was appearing at the start of the list of contacts (I don’t think think this was occurring in the older version I was running)..


There is an extra comma in line 290

state.fullMsg1 = "$newmsg , ${open.join(',')}")

Should be...

state.fullMsg1 = "$newmsg ${open.join(',')}")

Dunno how it managed to get in there :slight_smile:



All fixed - Thanks


If I use a button push to trigger the app it works as expected. If I use Time it fails with
app:11562019-06-11 11:49:00.111 am errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object on line 246 (evtHandler)


I’ve looked at this and I think I’ve found the error.
But it’s almost midnight now so I’ll address it tomorrow.



Bug squashed!

New child updated on GitHub
Version 2.5.1



Thank you sir!


It should be ok now but if you get any problems please let me know.



I had been triggering this with a RM rule. I will modify what I have and check it out.


@Cobra any chance to have this merged?

I'd avoid to merge each time new changes..



I don't accept pull/merge requests
I did it once and it caused me lots of problems as I have to support the software I release

I don't even look at these type of GitHub requests any more.

Your code is probably perfect but I haven't looked.

If you just want to trigger on HSM Status then I can probably put that in when I get a chance.
I'll look at you code, and if it is how I would code it, then I'll add it.
If not, then I can soon create a trigger for HSM status