[UPDATED] - Average All (Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Ambient Pressure & Motion)



Don't know where I got that from. Senior moment.
Mine is at 2.2.0. Will update and see what happens.
Thanks for the reply.


Just spotted something else for the 'Average All' app.
I want to put in a restriction so that it only updates the average all illuminance between 60 minutes before sunrise to 60 minutes after sunset.
If I click on the Enable restriction by sunset or sunrise then there is only one option that can be selected. Either sunset or sunrise.
I am not able to select a period.
So how does restriction actually work?
If I do this, for example, what am I actually restricting. How does the restriction end.



In your screenshot configuration, the app will only work if it is 60 minutes after sunset.


You don’t have the option to restrict between sunset & sunrise.
I’ll add this to my feature request list.
I’m not sure when I’ll get to it though as I’m quite busy at the moment with real life :slight_smile:



Not to worry. I was trying to work out what it meant.
I configured a Virtual Device which turns on between sunset and sunrise and used this to restrict the average all 'rule'.


Hi Andy, Sorry to be a pain.
I configured a virtual switch to turn on and off during set times.
I have set up an average all illuminance 'rule' and tried to use the 'Enable restriction by external switch' option.
I have configured it as seen below.
No matter if the switch is on or off it always restricts the rule.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong.

Logs for virtual switch on.
Logs for switch off.
As you can see, they look identical.


Toggle the external switch after saving the app at least once so that the app knows what position the switch is on



Thanks for the reply. I must listen to my wife more.
Quote - "Read the blxxdy instructions for once".


So this one is weird (and it could only happen to me).

I have some netatmo devices that report temperature. I use these netatmo devices as part of the Average All app and I notice that the virtual devices that rely on capturing data from Netatmo seem to not update.

The netatmo devices update all the time, but the average temperature does not update.

Also, this is important to note, these average all devices only rely on one netatmo device (its a long story), but for instance. Average Master Bedroom Temperature simply reads the netatmo temperature.


Are you using any restrictions in the app?


Hi Andy.
Just completed a reboot of my hub and once again both my average all illuminance have stopped working.
I will try your original unsupported app and see if this is OK. I'm sure I didn't have any issues with it.


hey @JDogg016 - just curious how you got a calendar event into a switch? Was it with something like Google to IFTTT to Hubitat?


I did exactly the IFTTT route with Google Calendar.


  1. Create a Virtual Switch (mine is called no_school).

  2. Create an event in the google calendar called No School

  3. Run an IFTTT to turn on no_school when a google calendar event appears called No School.

  4. Create a RM Rule to perform a set of actions when switch No_School turns on.

  5. Most important, create a second RM Rule to turn off the No_School switch if on & a certain time of day. <-- This will allow your IFTTT rule to always trigger.

The only downside to this rule is that I do not believe there is a method in IFTTT to trigger on multiple day events. So, therefore, when my son was on Christmas Break I had to create a separate calendar event for each day he was off of school. This allowed the IFTTT trigger to run as planned and it has not yet failed me.


So @Cobra. Any idea on my netatmo condundrum?


I asked if you were using any restrictions.


Just updated my hub and both of my average illuminance child apps have remained working OK. Not sure what happened with the reboot earlier this week.
Just thought I'd let you know.


Thanks Bob


Oh sorry, Did not see that reply was meant for me. I am not using any restrictions.


I have a few like that so I can add the delay there rather than any other app



Yeah it is weird because if the netatmo cloud fails, everything goes haywire