[UPDATED] - Average All (Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Ambient Pressure & Motion)



Just an idea but maybe put it in a comment at the top of the code too. When I copy/paste code for an app I always read the comments/release notes if there are any at the top.


OR, Clearer text in the error message in the log "You are not using the custom AVG All device driver. I didn't make the connection to customer driver needed.


The app does check for the correct driver.
But, as some people wanted to use a thermostat driver I tweaked the code to allow it.
(Hence the error message)

Originally I forced people to use the Average All Driver



I'm using the latest parent, child and device off the github, when set to the average all device, the temperature updates just fine but when it's set to the Hubitat Virtual Thermostat it does not update the temperature. The automation gets created then it just stops:
Log of the virtual thermostat automation after known change of temperature:

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:51.820 warnYou are not using the correct Average All Virtual Device - This may cause errors and the app may not work correctly!

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:51.804 debugAVERAGE_TEMPERATURE_VIRTUAL (App Version: 2.2.0) - Enabled by parent - Disable app = false

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:41.007 debugAVERAGE_TEMPERATURE_VIRTUAL (App Version: 2.2.0) - Resetting Button

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:39.900 warnYou are not using the correct Average All Virtual Device - This may cause errors and the app may not work correctly!

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:39.884 debugAVERAGE_TEMPERATURE_VIRTUAL (App Version: 2.2.0) - Enabled by parent - Disable app = false

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:39.007 infoAll Logging Enabled

app:3032018-12-10 09:04:39.006 infoInitialised with settings: [childTypeSelect:Temperature, tempSensors:[Basement Temperature, Master Bedroom Temperature], vDevice:Virtual Thermostat, sendTempInterval:0, decimalUnit:2, timeYes:false, dayYes:false, enableSwitchYes:false, presenceYes:false, modesYes:false, sunrisesetYes:false, debugMode:true]

Any help would be appreciated.


Is this a new install or are you updating from a previous version of the app?



New install. I've tried inside the Cobra container and outside of it as well.


I've just set up a couple of test devices and a test thermostat (using the in-built virtual thermostat)
I'm sorry I cannot replicate your problem.

Here is an extract from my logs...

AAA 01 Vtemp device is my 'sending' temperature device (usually physical)
AAA - 01 test thermostat is my Virtual thermostat

If I change the Vtemp device it is changing the test thermostat perfectly as it should.

One thing to ask..

How did you install the apps (parent/child)?

If you used the 'import' facility try copying the code directly and pasting it into your hub.
I have found that sometimes the import can corrupt the code.

If you used the import, I would suggest deleting the code from your hub and trying the direct code route.



I deleted the virtual thermostat, AA device and all the Apps. Copied and paste directly from the raw on github and it's working now after recreating the Thermostat. No sure what happened since that's the same way I did it earlier but I'll take it. Thank you for the very fast response.


Glad you got it sorted




You have a restriction "Select a switch [to] Enable/Disable this app".

Then you have "Allow app to run only when this switch is On or Off"

When selecting a switch by default will the app not run when the switch is on?

If so... what is the purpose of "Allow app to run only when this switch is On or Off"

Lastly... request time.

May we have the ability to restrict based on two switches or conditions.

I would like to create a weather announcement at 7:25 am each morning on School Days. I have a switch that controls School Days based on whether the calendar says 'No School' so the thought is if 'No School' is on... don't make the announcement (duh).

But if it is cold outside, I would prefer a different announcement run from a different rule.


This gives you the option to run the app when this switch is either on or off..

If you set it to run when the switch is on then turning off the switch will stop it running.
If you set it to run when the switch if off then turning on the switch will stop it running.

I have the same restriction page in all my apps
One example of the ‘reverse’ type of switch I use is that I configure a ‘water garden’ reminder in Message Central.
I have another app which turns on a switch if it has already been done...
Therefore; I don’t want the ‘water garden’ announcement if the switch is on.. only if it is off

Personally, for average all childapps I don’t use any restrictions.
I always want it to update the virtual device

You even gave me an example of using an ‘on’ switch to provide a restriction... if ‘no school’ is on don’t do something..




Is this correct to disable the message when there is no school.


‘Enable restriction... ‘ basically allows you to use an external switch.
You can leave it all configured and turn this off and stop this restriction (whether the switch is on or off it will be ignored)

So.. once enabled, you have the choice of restricting/allowing when on or when off

The screenshot you have show will stop the app running when the ‘No_School switch is on.
This is because the option to allow is set to off therefore the app is only allowed when the switch is off.
One thing to note is that once configured with a restriction switch and saved, it is always a good idea to ‘toggle’ the switch so the app knows what position it is in.



BTW which app is this? Message Central?
Because you posted this question in the Average All thread.



Have you all seen a situation where average all no longer updates the temperature?


Lux, yes but temperature has always been super reliable.
(I’m currently using 6 average all temp devices)

Are you using any restrictions?



No. It did start working again but to a 20 hour hiatus. No idea why. The underlying device kept reporting the entire time.


If you have done any updates to the code recently, it's always best to open and re save the app.
But I have no idea why it would stop for 20 hrs then start working again!



Hi Andy,
I've noticed that after the last 2 updates, (the release and the hotfix over last 2 days) that my average all for illuminance has stopped working.
If I got into the child app and click done, off it goes again reporting nicely.
I don't have any logs I'm afraid. Sorry.

Just wondering if you or anyone else has noticed this.

PS. Parent app is 2.5.0. (No updates available).
Child app is 1.4.0. (No updates available).


I use Average All for temperature and have not had any issues with the hub updates.

@bobbles 1.4.0 is the driver version. The child app should be 2.2.1.