Unsure of actual manufacturer of this device?

The device LCD, size, and hsape reminds me a lot of the Xiaomi Mijia sensors I've seen but I can't quite pin this one down. It's being sold under various brands on eBay and similar marketplaces and advertises it supports Zigbee. Seems to be most reliably found if using the keyword Tuya in the search terms.

Anyone know off hand if this device happens to be supported?

I stay away from anything with that in the description I don't think they use standard zigbee protocol

The closest I could find to be a "legit" brand (and by legit brand I mean, there's actuall a brand listed at all) was for here:


or for those who like me even think that url looks odd:
Image 2

As @mark.cockcroft said, I think most Tuya devices have some "oddities" to how they work.... Tasmota might be an option if it's compatible...

Thank you for the heads up about Tuya specifically. Previously I had used Aquara sensors and people made similar comments about those (but so far so good here, at least with the WSDCGQ11LM!). I just got excited when I saw the same thing with an LCD. My search continues...

Could be one of these, problem is they all seem to use the same "casing"

Back in December @at9 ordered a device that looks similar, it was of the brand BlitzWolf, I think... Don't remember how it went with it though.

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Yeah it's made by Tuya and I use the konke driver (I use ni-mh batteries in it and this driver allows to change the voltage ranges to get more accurate battery levels) and it works great.

I have a few different tuya zigbee devices and they all work without issue. I just ordered 5 more blitzwolf door sensors this week actually.


Thats great I've been looking at loads of suff on Ail
What device do you have that work?
Are they running on stock drivers?

I have all of the below.
Door sensor uses Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp)
Motion sensor uses this driver I modified.
Temperature sensor does work with the generic zigbee motion/temperature as well as the konke.
Leak sensor uses Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor
The buttons use this driver.


good info, you have a two or more gang working, does it create another child?

You have me all excited, the work as repeaters ?

Any experience with
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Hi at9, just wanted to ask how the motion sensors work, what is the "reset" period like, I know the Xiaomi motion sensors reset after 60 seconds. also does it send an inactive signal as well. I read that the Konke only send an active and then waits for the timeout. Also are all these connected directly to the HE and have you had any "drop offs"

Thanks for the info

@at9 The Temperature / Humidity sensors show a metric temperature reading. Is the humidity percentage reading metric as well? :wink:

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It's a battery powered button not a switch and supports single, double Tapped and held. There is a switch that looks the same but I don't have that.
I looked at getting the roller motor but wasn't big enough for my blinds.
There is a ST driver that you may be able to port.

It only sends active signal and rechecks I think it was 55 seconds later.
They are connected to HE and I've had no issues with drop offs. The only issue I've had was some false positives recently which I am pretty sure was due to the battery needing to be recharged appears to be fixed after recharging.
Another thing that may be an issues is that it is very sensitive. When fully charged I could be on the couch and move my foot 1cm and that was enough to trigger it. As the battery discharges it becomes less sensitive more like a normal level. My heater has also been able to set it off when it was under it.

I didn't know there was a difference.
Isn't Relative humidity the percent of absolute humidity for a given temperature?
It doesn't matter if you are using metric or imperial the percentage will be the same.


That was @zarthan being tongue-in-cheek .....


Thank you for the reply and this additional information. I'm still fairly new here and I can't get over how helpful you and others are in the community. It's amazing. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again @at9!

Can I ask if there's some secret hidden button or option to change the display from celsius to fahrenheit? also you mention Blitzwolf by name but do you get the vibe all of those being sold online (same case, same display) would work or was there something unique about the firmware on the one sold under Blitzwolf?

The display is metric only.
They devices are all made by tuya which creates white label products for anyone one really so they should all be the same. I just got the blitzwolf because it was the cheapest at the time.

Some days I hate this, thats another £70+ on stuff!

Thier sending me a driver for the tula blind