Unresponsive devices

C8 pro


I migrated from C7 to C8 pro last week.

Everything worked fine at first. Migration worked as expected. All sensors were responsive, all automations worked as expected. And then I lost contact with all sensors, zb and zw; about 3 days after migration

I tried pretty much evening I could think of. It does not let me add new sensors or re-adopt existing sensors. Soft or hard reset do not make a difference. But the UI works as expected.

I am out of ideas. I presume a hardware issue but I don't know how to prove it.

Thank you for your help

How are you powering the C8-Pro hub? If using a PoE power splitter, please try using the power supply and came that came with the hub. Many users have experienced issues, especially with Z-Wave, when using a PoE splitter on the C8 and C8-Pro hubs.

Also, have you powered down and unplugged the power from the old C7 hub? If not, please do so as the radios in the C7 will conflict with the C8 Pro, causing a mess of your mesh networks.

Tagging @support_team from Hubitat, just to make them aware of your issue with the C8 Pro hub post migration.


Thank you for your response.

I am using the power supply that came with the C8 pro.

The C7 got shut down prior to the migration.

Shutdown and unplug your c8 for 2 mins and then power back up. Does everything work? Post your z-wave details page in it's entirety here (use windows snip) Then check your logs for errors and chatty devices. This will be a good start helping diagnose your issue.

You may want to check out my thread here

Related to your issue though along with looking at the Zwave table (which is where I would expect the problem to be) you may want to go look at the logging page and then click on the Scheduled jobs tab. Check to see if you have jobs that are in pending state and scheduled for a time in the past. This was one of of the two problems I experienced with my migration from a C8 to a C8 Pro. To fix this take a local back from the C7 prior to the migration date and restore it over top of the current setup so you don't loose your Zwave Radio. That should do it if that is the problem.

Thank you both.

I will try that and get the logs when I get home tonight

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Here is what I tried:

  • created new back up on my C7
  • hard reset C8 Pro
  • migrated backup to C8
    only 1 zb devise is responding. No zwave devise is responding
  • restored a c7 back up
    no impact

Below is the information requested (I think. Please let me know if I am not sending the right stuff).

The z-wave log is empty.

There is no chatty device.


It looks like you have A LOT of ghost Z-Wave devices. Those are devices that are not properly setup. They will cause your Z-Wave mesh to stop working properly.

If I’m not mistaken, all devices where you see “Discover” under “Device” are ghosts. You will want to press the “Refresh” button under “Actions” until you get a “Remove” button appear. This may take a lot of tries.

Also, before doing this, you will want to power off the Z-Wave device that didn’t pair properly if you eventually were able to pair it.This might be the next device in the list if you tried pairing until it eventually worked.

If you search for “Ghost” in the forum, you will see a lot of other posts of individuals in a similar situation.


To add to that, you may want to go back to the C7 and try to clean up the Z-wave as much as possible before migrating.

After the migration, all devices may not work immediately. The zwave routes are cleared so that it can rebuild clean on the new hardware, but with all those ghost devices in there it is going to have a hard time building a mesh.


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I will get to it tomorrow. Life is coming in the way of fixing my automation issues :sweat_smile:

Thank you for caring !!

So, I looked at the ghost devices on the forum and tried to remove them per the posts. I was not very successful so I decided to start from scratch since my setup is pretty simple. I hard reset the c8 pro, reset devices and tried to rebuild my network.

Interestingly, I was not able to pair any device (zb or zw). So, I went back to the c7, was able to add the devices without any problem and I have my system back up and running.

I will mark this post as resolved. I will skip the migration and try to figure out why my c8p is not willing to pair new devices.

Thanks all for your help