Unable to update Inovelli Firmware - Device Firmware Updater (

I am attempting to update the firmware on one of my Red Series Inovelli Switch from 1.19 to 1.20 but it is not working. I am getting the following error:

"The requested Fragment Size exceeds the Max Fragment Size"

I'm using the 1.20 firmware that I downloaded from Inovelli for the LZW30-SN switch.

Some notes:

  1. It is my first time trying to use the new Device Firmware Updated, though I have used the Firmware Updated driver several times in the past.
  2. Inovelli Red series switches were quite finicky with the Firmware Updater Driver - Had to Air Gap them at a specific time... Not sure if this is fixed with the 2.2.4`s Device Firmware Updater...?
  3. I am having some Z-Wave mesh issues (that I am trying to fix, in part by ensuring I have the latest firmwares), so it could be related to that...
  4. After trying to do the update, I can no longer control that Z-Wave device. I could before trying the update, and I can again a little while later.
  5. The device seems fine under Z-Wave Detail.

Looking for ideas on what could be the cause of this error...

Tagging @bcopeland who wrote it.

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I had the same problem with the LZW30-SN going to the firmware version 1.20. I kept getting a couple of different messaging but I keep aborting and restarting and after around 20 minutes I was ready to give up and it finally took and updated to the version 1.20.

I find that the Inovelli switches are very finicky. I have a lot of them and the upgrade can fail over and over and then eventually just work for some reason. Sometimes the device hangs and I have to airgap it to get it back.

The devices close to my hub though seem to work the best. Once I try upgrade devices that may go through a few hops it gives a lot of problems. So I might just get into the habit of moving the hub around to do the upgrades.

Fixed in next hot fix release