Unable to select "PM" in "Days of the Week Schedule"

I'm new here. I just attempted to create a rule and ran into an issue. I set the trigger as "Days of the Week Schedule" select the days I want but when I go to input the time, it only allows me to select "AM" from the dropdown - even if I select "PM" from the dropdown and hit save, it reverts back to AM... am I missing something?

What browser are you using?

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I was using Safari, just tried on Chrome and that was the ticket!

Which version of Safari? Is this on Ventura? If so, we are aware of the problem with the time picker.

Yes, this was on Ventura.

I'm having this problem too. Using Safari Version 15.6.1 ... I have no idea what Ventura is. Hub Platform Version

Every time I click update or done it just reverts back to am.

Tried it in Chrome and it works fine.. has a different appearance, no drop down for the am/pm setting, just a manual input method.

This is macOS 13, recently released. If you aren't sure, you can use Apple Menu > About This Mac to check your version.

ah.. my bad.. Still on 12.5.1 Monterey

Is your hub by chance set to 24hr time instead of 12hr?

No, it’s currently set to 12hr

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But, I was able to get it set to PM, on macOS Ventura, in 12hr time format, using the chrome browser.

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That was the only thing I can think of. A while ago there was a bug that if you were using 24h (in the hub settings, not just your browser) it still wanted you to select AM or PM. I was thinking maybe it was a variety of that bug.

Same here, I have 12 hr time but the function works fine on Chrome only. I tried using military time but it will error out, otherwise just reverts back to am if I click update or save.

There is no AM/PM when 24 hour time is selected for the hub.

And there is no problem with the time picker in this case.

For the PM problem there is a known issue wrt Ventura Safari, where it is broken. It works fine with Chrome. Known Issues in

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