Unable to remove Zwave device

Replaced a ZEN20 power strip. Tried to exclude the old and the device indicated it was removed. The Hubitat had me do a Force. It looked like it finished but the Zwave details still showed it. I did a refresh and then got the REMOVE option. I've clicked on REMOVE numerous times and even reboot the hub but it will not clear. Also the log entry seems like it thinks it's not failed? I've clicked on REFRESH numerous times as well but nothing seems to get it out of there.

Is the old one unplugged? I assume so but it never hurts to ask! Rebooting generally doesn't make any difference but here are a couple things you can try...

First, are you on the latest zwave firmware? An update was distributed a while ago but it does not update the zwave firmware when you update your hub. If there is an update available an "update firmware" button will appear on your zwave details page. The most recent wave update (a couple months ago) significantly improved how the stack deals with ghost devices. Otherwise...

Patience is your friend with zwave. You might let the hub run overnight and then try removing it.

You could also try powering down the hub, disconnecting the power (at the wall) from the hub, wait a minute or so, power it back up and try again.

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The old one is in a drawer. Yes latest firmware. I'll try a power down if it's still lingering tomorrow.

There's some sort of clean up activity that happens overnight...

I also noticed you have these devices paired with s2 security. I'd consider pairing them without security unless there's a specific reason to have it. I generally try to use security only when the device in question is something like a lock or a security keypad. I don't think that has anything to do with your current issue but if you don't need the extra overhead I find it easier to skip it.

Ya I'm fixing all of those slowly but surely. :smiley:

I still have a bunch too... I decided to do a cap-and-grow rather than re-pairing them all.

Kinda what I'm doing. As I replace I make sure to not include secure. Solved a bunch of issues this week getting rid of some Inovelli LZW41's that never worked 100% of the time. They were in a hallway and frequently one would not shut off or would come on late. Also got the ZEN25's out of my system and replaced with Peanuts. That fixed so many things that had been flaky. This ZEN20 was requiring me to power cycle periodically as it would just quit talking to the hub. Hoping the other I had doesn't have that issue. I seem to not have very good luck with Zooz for some reason. Got some version 1 ZEN30's that are often slow to respond. One just had the relay circuit get stuck in the on position after a guy shorted the line when putting up a new exhaust fan. Zooz gave me a discount on a new version 3 ZEN30 (it was out of warranty so that was nice of them). Hoping the version 3 is better. :crossed_fingers:

My experience with Zooz has been similar... I'm slowly replacing them all with Aeotec, which some people don't like but have worked flawlessly for me.

I really need the ZEN30's in my setup so if this new version is good I'll upgrade a couple. Wish the 25's worked better for me. And on this 20 I need to do power monitoring to toggle a virtual switch for me. Know of any other plug devices that do power monitoring besides the 20 and 25?

@bobbyD just realized I tagged you yesterday on the wrong thread. This is what I have issues with. A ZEN20 that I swapped out for another but when I removed the old and the ZEN20 flashed the LEDs to indicate it had been removed the hub showed it was still there. So I did a force. That finished and the device is gone from the devices page but on the Zwave details page it still exists. I have done REFRESH and REMOVE multiple times and I have rebooted the hub but the device still shows on that page. What can be done to remove it? Thanks and sorry for any confusion yesterday!

Is the old device still powered on? (I'm unclear on this)

According to OP, off and in a drawer...

Correct off and in a drawer.

A few months ago I would have suggested breaking out the zwave stick but with all the recent platform and stack upgrades that just hasn't been necessary. Will be interesting to see what BobbyD comes back with. Is your mesh otherwise pretty healthy?

It is now. I have been cleaning up some troublesome devices. Most devices talking directly to the hub and not even repeating now.

Shutdown the hub, unplug power for 5 mins (at the wall not the hub) then try it. (I know you rebooted but I want you to powercycle). Then attempt the remove. If it doesn't work, use the stick method.

Almost hate to bring this up, and this definitely falls in the "...if it ain't broke..." category, but Peanuts have a storied (and usually not good stories) history around here. If you start to experience Zigbee issues, this could be of interest...FWIW I had several Peanuts on my system for a year or more and didn't see any issues. I've since retired mine over time "just in case."

Been using a couple for awhile with no issues so replaced the last ZEN25 that I had with one. That one was supposed to turn a light on when I went into my guest bed room but the ZEN25 only seemed to get the command about 60% of the time. So far the Peanut is at 100%.

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Will give it a try.

Did that. Before I try REMOVE again DISCOVER has reappeared. Would it be worth it to try to put the ZEN20 back in pairing mode and hit DISCOVER and then see if I can remove it assuming it joins? DISCOVER had been there yesterday but finally vanished and would not come back.