Unable to discover new hub [SOLVED]

I have a new Elevation hub that I'm not able to auto discover on my network. I've refreshed the browser many times, tried different browsers, rebooted the hub with no success.

I'm able see the device on my network based off of the MAC address provided on the unit, but I'm unable to get it setup using the portal.hubitat.com website.

Any suggestions?

Are your hub and your pc connected to the same router? If so, please let it sit for some time.

Please contact support@hubitat.com. We will get you going...

After spending time looking for potential issues within my firewall settings keeping me from discovering the device, turns out that the provided network cable was bad. Replaced it with a new one and the hub appeared instantly.

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Thanks for letting us know.

I have the same problem (new hub, not found). It's definitely talking on the network, because I can see the traffic. I swapped the cable anyway since that worked for @Rengie, but that didn't change the behavior.
I also tried going direct to the IP, but that doesn't work either. I'm on the same LAN. Any ideas?

Please contact support@hubitat.com. They will get you going asap.

I provide support with my IP address and the unit's MAC address, and they must have pushed some changes to it or updated something on their server. It took a couple days of back and forth (the time was mainly because of my inability to test for them until I got home from work), but it is working now.

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